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For those searching for the latest 2022 Samsung Neo QLED QN90B review, here it is. We have taken out time to look at the features, specs, and pictures of the new smart TV. The Samsung Neo QLED QN90B is Samsung's flagship 4K TV with Mini LED for the year 2022. It is the direct successor of the QN90A, but it brings an important differential to stand out in the market in relation to its sister: the promise of being a gamer TV. with features to please both console and PC gamers.

It may seem beaten when a company surrounds a product with gamer promises, but the Neo QLED QN90B was designed for this audience. The 43” and 50” TV models come with a 144Hz refresh rate, plus four HDMI 2.1 ports and a host of cool features in the Tizen system.

But, after all, can it please both console and PC audiences? And for media consumption, is it good? I tested the Neo QLED QN90B and I tell you all my impressions in the next paragraphs!


  • Slim and elegant design
  • Friendly connections for gamers
  • Great 4K Mini LED Screen
  • Tizen operating system
  • SolarCell remote control


  • Basic sound system
  • A little light leakage


The QN90B didn't mess with the winning team and kept the QN90A's right design. It's sober, with a black back cover and aluminum bottom side, and extremely thin for the category, is more than 50% thinner than the 2020 model Q80T.

Samsung's smart TV has virtually no bump on the back, which is quite impressive given the amount of features and technologies on board. The most protruding region is where both the support and the base fit.

Regarding these pieces, we have what you expect from a premium TV: they are resistant and show firmness. 

The shape of the metallic base seems strange at first, but I liked it for leaving the standard look with two feet.

Even though there is no risk of falling, the fact that the support is only central causes a poor distribution of weight, consequently swaying. It's not a problem if you keep the TV in a place without too much danger, though.

Unfortunately, while the QN90B is premium and minimalist, there's no cable organizer here. The connections are all exposed on the left side, which is a shame.


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