I came across Sama Honey through a magazine called African Sickle Cell News & World Report:http//www.scdjournal.com of the July-September 2012 Edition. The edition carried the story of Dr. Femi Adedoye, the medical director of the Liberty Health Services Ltd., Suleja, Niger State who himself is a sickler and has been using the honey for some years now.

Hear the doctor, ''I have been a General Medical Practitioner for 25 years. I am 56 years old. I live with sickle cell. When I first came in contact with SAMA HONEY 4 years ago, I got it checked and analysed with the Nigerian Institute for Pharmaceutical Research and Development (NIPRD). After obtaining the green light from NIPRD, I got it assessed further by NAFDAC, and finally registered it with NAFDAC in 2011.''

Hear him further, ''I have given SAMA HONEYto my patients with sickle cell. The results are invariably positive: improved growth, reduced frequency and severity of crises, sharply reduced hospital stays. Those with yellowish colouration of the sclera (jaundice)report a 100% clear up within 3 months of taking the SAMA HONEY food supplement and they experience rapid growth within 1 year. Some of my patients experiencing spurious side effects on hydroxyurea combine it with SAMA HONEY to get the desired results.''

May I add further that this doctor's full name is Dr. David Babafemi Adedoye, the medical director of Liberty Hospital, Behind Ecobank Plc, Minna Road, Suleja. I was at this hospital last Thursday, 1st November, 2012 and saw the man himself and his wife and some of his nurses. When I saw the man I had to ask him if he was actually an SS or SC because I'm aware that SC is not as severe as SS and given the fact that the man does not have the looks of a sickler at all. He looks far better than many of us whose genotype is not that prone to recurring sickness and moreso, given his advancement in age.

However, I don't doubt his claim to be an SS because as a medical doctor of many years' standing, he has a lot to suffer if he is deceiving Nigerians by claiming to be a sickler so as to promote Sama Honey, a food supplement imported from United Arab Emirates by him. I know that the Medical Council will not close its eyes to this, if it turns out that all the NAFDAC registration, testimonies of its efficacy, his own medical status and the origin of the medication are a hoax.


So, as for me, having seen him live, his wife, his members of staff, his hospital and interacted with them all and also disclosed my own identity as a legal practitioner, I believe his claims and all the testimonies of other users in that magazine's edition, until the contrary is proved. The bottomline is that I'm more comfortable with this medication more than anyone else, though a bit more expensive.

I therefore recommend SAMA HONEY to all who would love to see those living with sickle cell live better health-wise and in terms of lifespan.

For more information, reach me on-+2347082918395 or +2348055860574.

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