Year 2016 is gradually coming to a close. The resolutions, goals set, the achievements and the failures all comprise of the 2016 experience.

Plans roll in for the festive season from shopping, friends/family visits to traveling. Now, This is the period where some people's focus is to cause harm to others in a bid to "package" themselves for the merriment of the season.

Here are some security tips to adopt to be vigilant and hopefully stay free of harm during this period.

  • Keep a low profile and be alert to developments in your environment.
  • Avoid known crime-prone areas .
  • Avoid carrying large sums of cash (Go Cashlite), do not carry bags or packages that seems attractive to call unwanted attention.
  • Discuss travel plans only with immediate family members.
  • Always let close family members know of your movements (this is very important!).

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