RuneScape Mutated Fury Codex Abnormal Drop Rates Hotfixed

Players have wondered precisely why RuneScape Mutated Fury Codex was considerably more common in comparison with its counterparts, and now this problem has been hotfixed as the decrease rates are indeed abnormal. 

RuneScape Mutated Fury Codex dropping error

RuneScape Mutated Fury Codex was dropping 10 times more regularly than intended, and now it is often hotfixed to be as uncommon as the mutated flurry as well as barge codices.

The Mutated Fury codex was released upon August 13 2018, which may be obtained from killing Verak Lith in the Dragonkin Laboratory and become used to unlock the mutated fury ability. According to Mod Orion’s post on Reddit, the dev team realized that the Mutated Fury Codex was dropping more often compared to other codices at the end of a week ago. Mod Orion explained this problem was caused by developer oversight and apologized for that, like a programming error resulted in the actual fury codex being 10x more common compared to the other codices.

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