ROLE OF SPORT IN EDUCATION by Akinfolarin Akinwale V.

Education is the overall development of an individual in all ramifications and not limited to the classroom jurisdiction. Sport is an important aspect of education that should be highly venerated in our societies, in any organization, schools, communities, etc, it should be clearly known that human beings are social beings that continue to exist and learn from their various aspect of environment including social environment that accumulates to form learning experiences. The school curriculum tends to be a systematic arrangement of all learning experiences for total and universal development of the learner.
Sport on the other hand, is an essential component of the school curriculum organized to instill social and physical development in the learner. Streams of research have revealed the relevancies of sporting activities and students’ mental alertness when adequately engaged in. Sport has also been tested to help ignite student readiness to learn within and outside the classroom. Through sporting activities, teachers-students relationship has been enormously promoted and strengthened in our schools thereby increasing student’s motivation to learn as learners readiness to learn hold a key factor to be considered before learning can take place.
Education should often act as a mechanism to assist individual in discovering what he/she is best suited in terms of talents, interest, abilities and aptitudes as one can build his future carrier and prospect in sport just like the great Chief Segun Odegbami who studied engineering at the premier polytechnic, Ibadan and ended up as a successful footballer and a distinct international legend in sport industry among others...
Concretely speaking, looking at the imperativeness of sport in education industry and society at large, there is need to not only have sporting activities as part of schools curriculum but continue to advance the department in Nigerian universities and other higher educational institutions in which relevant courses will be taught with outstanding sporting facilities to aid pragmatic experiences which will further enhance the production of experts in various field of sport. This is a recommendation to the government, NUC, Federal Ministry of Education and all other key stakeholders in the education industry so as to reduce the increasing rate of youth unemployment, social crises, also to discover and develop human talents and potentials in sporting activities to meet up international competitive demands of sports in the global world.

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