I really don't know the kind of role we nigerian are laying down for other african country to follow, I really don't know why they called us the giant of africa. Is it because of the oil or what? Is a shame that we are the giants of africa yet we don't proved to be one, nothing is working in the country, everything seems upsidedown in the country, we have trillions of money yet we cannot be proud that we have good road n better environment, we have gas yet we cannot be proud of light for just one day in the country, we have school yet we cannot be proud of good education, we are giants of africa yet we travel to other african country to treat ourselves when we fell sick instead of them travelling to ours, then the billion of money we get everyday what are they using the money to do. Is only in nigeria that a local government chairman we have up to ten building in the different state, drive the most expensive car, have the best hotel, wear the most expensive cloths n shoes, paying a huge amount of money for their children school overseas, yet look at their LGA their is nothing to write home about. Then I ask myself, are we moving forward or backward or we are just standing at the same spot

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