Roku link code for Roku Activation and Streaming

If you have purchased a new Roku Streaming device and arrived newly get into the world of streaming and entertainment, then it is the perfect time to get to know a few important requirements that require for setting up Roku and streaming.

Almost every Roku models mostly have a similar activation process, maybe their configuration might have a couple of dissimilarities. The smart Roku Express+ streaming devices are available at selective online stores only. These devices get well-attuned with any smart HD television and provide stunning streaming performances as well.

The process of Roku activation is pretty simple. Well, a few requisite/requirement of a Roku streaming device is a secure, reliable, uninterrupted, and continuous internet connection, along with a valid setup Roku account. If you are new to Roku then it is recommended to create a valid Roku account via

Setting up a Roku streaming Device

The Roku package includes all the important requirements for the device activation and configuration, like the following.

  1. Remote control along with 2 AAA batteries.

  2. The High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) cable.

  3. A Roku Streamer.

  4. A USB cable (optional).

  5. A Roku quick start guide.

  6. An adhesive strip.

  7. A valid Roku activation code.

Also, you get a composite cable as well which allows you to connect your Roku streaming player with the older version of televisions. You can now create a valid Roku account be visiting the Roku com link site and selecting the link for account creation.

You also need to link your Roku account with your Roku streaming device for further and continuous streaming. To complete the process of activation of your device without any issue, you require a Roku link code that will appear on your TV home screen.

If you see the purple screen Roku instead of activation code for Roku then it is requested to contact us immediately on our toll-free number 1-855-795-5955.

Activation of Roku smart streaming device

You can directly plug-in the USB (Universal Serial Bus) cable into your TV or the wall socket utilizing the provided power adapter. Moreover, your Roku devices comprise the HDMI port, a USB port, and an A/V (audio/video) out for older version television.

Afterward, connect the Roku streaming with your existing home WiFi network and choose the correct input source on your TV. Now, a link code will pop up on the home screen of your TV. After that, you can easily make use of any external device like smartphones, iPhones, iPads, PC or Laptops to visit the

After that, you can submit the Roku link activation code into the activation site to complete the activation process of your smart Roku streaming device. You can now see that your Roku account is properly linked to the Roku device via the Roku link activation code.

A few more things to remember

Make sure that you have a reliable, secure, and up running WiFi network connection to complete your Roku activation process easily without any issue. Also, ensure that your Roku device supports LAN (local area network) or wireless network connectivity. Most Roku streaming devices are compatible with the local area network (LAN) and wireless network connectivity both.

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