Rocket Pass 2 will end in March and Rocket Pass 3

As we mentioned previously, February is abounding with things added than just Division 9 rewards. Division 10 will bang off and a cast new in-game accident will happen. Added importantly, February is the appointed ages for accumulation the accompany account system, that was ahead alleged Rocket League Items. This aswell agency cross-platform parties will assuredly be accessible afterwards a abiding wait.February will aswell accompany new boodle boxes and in-game music, while March will add added accountant DLC, but Psyonix didn't specify wich cosmos crossover will be featured this time around. Rocket Pass 2 will end in March and Rocket Pass 3 will be appear soon.

ELEAGUE has committed to bearing a alternation of episodes that will affection the world’s arch bRocket League esports competition, Psyonix’s Rocket League Championship Alternation (RLCS). The appearance will awning the players, teams, and belief of two accessible RLCS seasons, Division 7 and Division 8, with the premiere set to air on TBS afterwards in 2019 The affairs will abduction the victories, defeats and untold belief abaft the world’s best Rocket League players and teams through all accomplish of anniversary RLCS division in 2019.

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