Rocket League Prices at 1pm PST Just like Haunted Hallows

Fest, with a purpose to run from December eleventh at 5pm PST till January 2d Rocket League Prices at 1pm PST.

Just like Haunted Hallows, taking component in Frosty Fest will earn you limited time currency.

this time referred to as Snowflakes, which is earned for completing any and all sorts of on-line suits. You can cash in the ones Snowflakes during the occasion for themed objects like snowy tree decals and peppermint tires as pictured beneath. Additionally, a restrained time crate will be available and again the crate can be purchased with the timed forex or sold outright in case you want to bypass the line. The contents of the crates are nonetheless randomized, of direction.If you take part in Frosty Fest, recall to cash for your Snowflakes, as they expire with the event
on January second.

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