RicheeTech Prepares For It's First Ever Acquisition, And It's Not What You're Thinking.

It's not a website and it's not an app, but it's purchase has a lot of bearings on RicheeTech.

Another brand bearing the same name exists on social media with a community of 12,000
Facebook fans and 25,000 Twitter followers.

Hence, RicheeTech is preparing to make an acquisition offer for the social accounts of their
namesake in the 6 figure range.

If their bid is successful, with immediate effect, all content relating to the old company will be
deleted and tech news from their blog will replace the social streams.

"We can't over emphasis the value of this deal to us as a startup as it concerns not just our
branding, but social traffic as well, upon which the style of our writing hinges on" the CEO,
Richard Juwah explained.

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