“Ribadu and His Winning Formula in the 2011 Presidential Election in Nigeria”

By: Rosauro M. Angeles

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Everybody thinks that Goodluck Jonathan is the run a way winner in the 2011 Presidential Election in Nigeria comes April 2011?


Supporters of Ribadu thinks otherwise as they claimed that several independent movements are sprouting not only in Nigeria, but also in other parts of the world. Recently, Team Ribadu USA and the Ribadu for Nigeria Coalition was launched.


According to the lead convener of Team Ribadu USA and the Ribadu for Nigeria coalition, the movements are making considerable progress like a wild fire in a heavily dried forest.


The movement is based on volunteerism. Most of the members belong to the youth sector supporting the presidential bid of Nuhu Ribadu, the former Chairman of EFCC.   Whereas, the coalition is the umbrella body tasked to identify, unite and help organize all Team Ribadu groups globally.


The winning formula of the political strategist of Team Ribadu basically evolves as follows, that is:

  1. To set-up as many volunteer organization as possible in Nigeria and throughout the world to support the presidential bid of Nuhu Ribadu;
  2. To create a massive awareness and propaganda campaign that Ribadu is the only presidential candidate who has the political will and capability to eradicate corruptions in Nigeria;  
  3. That corruption is the main source of poverty; hence, Ribadu by way of eradicating corruptions has the right political formula to improve the lives of the majority of Nigerians;
  4. That all volunteer individual and organizations will be requested and indoctrinated  to support and actively participate in the presidential bid of Nuhu Ribadu in many ways like monetary donations, logistic supports and resources like  vehicles, campaign leaflets and posters, door to door and text messaging campaigns aside from massive internet presence;
  5. Finally, all volunteer organizations will organize and set-up a go out and vote for Ribadu as well as organize a team of capable individuals in all designated voting places to stay-out and protect the votes casted for Ribadu. 


Fighting and eradicating corruption is not an easy job. As Ribadu aptly said, “When you fight corruption, corruption fights back”


Is Ribadu right in his winning formula? Comes Election Day, we will know if he had adopted a winning formula.

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