Here's how one couple waited 40 years before finally tying the knot: 

Rondey and Steve had been high-school sweethearts, brought up in their San Diego neighborhood where they played together since they were 9 and 11 years old, respectively. They dated exclusively for three years at Crawford High School; but because of two sets of very strict parents, resorted to writing notes to each other, which Rondey's little brother would deliver for 25 cents each. 

By the time Steve's senior prom rolled around in 1969, they were on the verge of an ugly break-up. They separated, married others, produced two children each -- and wondered occasionally about each other. 

Steve was widowed after 30 years, and Rondey had divorced after 22 years. Not long thereafter, Steve was scanning when he rediscovered Rondey. 

"I paid $15 (to join)," he told Marsha Kay Seff in the February issue Prime magazine, "to send her an email." But when Rondey received it, she assumed it was spam and pushed the delete button. On a hunch, she opened the email and the decades began to peel away. 

He phoned her from his home in Montana. "She yelled at me for breaking up," he remembered. Finally, in 2005, he returned to San Diego to see his elderly parents -- and to take his old high-school sweetheart to dinner. "I thought she looked exactly the same," he said, but took offense that Rondey didn't recognize him quite as quickly.

Reunited, they were kids again. After Steve returned to Montana, they rang up 5,500 minutes on their cell phones in a month. Long-distance dating followed, and three years later -- after her parents gave their long-overdue approval -- the couple married. 

Both believe that if they had married right after high school, the union wouldn't have made the long haul. But today, their grown-up, blended families work together perfectly: "Our advice to other kids in love in high school is to wait," Rondey said. 

"Wait 40 years!" Steve added. "She was my first true love."

"And, may I add," said Rondey, "his last." 

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