Reuben Abati, Raymond Dokpesi, how a 5star media captain shouldn’t play!

I am one of the fortunate growing ups of our time to came in contact and appreciate the media influence of Dr Reuben Abati, double high Chief, Dr Raymond Dokpesi, Alhaji ‘Lair’, sorry Lai Mohammed and others. But for Sambo and others, everybody knows Rambo in this Zoo Republic, (sorry again), Federal Republic of Nigeria. What I am trying to say is that, everybody knows everybody.

The Abatis’ of this world, the Dokpesis, the Shina Rambos, and all the nobbles in the noble profession that beget on them the responsibility of influencing and reconditioning an entire being and nation owes us an apology and explanation on what trespassed behind those cottons of power at the rock, that suddenly arrest and turns a saints to a monster. All of them that were part and parcel of previous governments that are responsible in where we found ourselves, most especially those in the media, religious and traditional leaders, including Dangote and Dino Maleye have to tell us the level of their culpability.

The reason they owes us that apology and explanation is because they stood and rode high on the collective trust and influence they created among their fans, and admirers. Ironically, we still watch them fail on those similar ideals that earlier propelled them to the high, Dino watch it.But for me, wh... Continue reading at

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