Relief of Tinnitus/ Tinnitus is not considered as a disease,Ring Ease but is associated with hearing loss. There are many variables as to the cause of Tinnitus. Some questions you have to ask yourself.

1. Do I have Tinnitus along with other symptoms, (ear pain, drainage, or fever).

2. Did my Tinnitus occur after a head, neck, or ear injury

3. Did my Tinnitus start after starting, or changing medications These are very important questions as the answer will determine the treatment used to find relief of Tinnitus. And is best diagnosed by your family physician. He may then refer you to an Audiologist, for further diagnosis. There you will undergo hearing tests designed to determine the performance of the ears inner workings.

Treatment Options: Once the cause is determined by your physician, different treatment options will be offered to you. There however is no magic pill, or operation for Tinnitus. Most treatments are to lessen or change the perception of the sound you alone can hear, depending on the severity. Let's say you can't sleep because of the noise, then Melatonin may be the answer. Other treatments may be in order, such as if your Tinnitus is due to inadequacies of certain vitamins or minerals then supplementing them with the appropriate vitamin or mineral would be advantageous.

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