Community is a group living together in an area with common values and social cohesions. Merriam Webster defines community as a group of people with common characteristic or interest living together within a larger society. Niger Delta, Bayelsa, and Rivers State comprises of community living within a larger society in Nigeria. The main occupation of those communities is farming and fishing. In the last decade, the Niger Delta, Bayelsa, and Rivers States communities have suffered an environmental problem in their natural environment cause by oil exploration.

Over 40 years, an environmental problem is obvious in the following areas:

Immediate effects of pollution of gas flaring, acid rain and pipeline leaks, second, long-term effects on health, on the environment is loss of biodiversity and destruction of habitants, rivers polluted leaving people with no alternative portable water . Third, social and economic impacts- their natural resources are destroyed, fourth, lack of compensation and clean ups , their local lands for farming are taken from them and no clean ups when there are oil spills and finally repression, they are unvoiced

The military force and invasion of the communities to flush out militant youths would create more social problem to the communities and this would never bring permanent peace, neither militant youths killing military men, kidnapping nor the abduction of oil workers are the solutions.

Federal Government should address the physical revitalization and recovery of new life and visible improvement in the quality of life of the community and Sustainable development and growth to meet the needs of the community and improve their economy values. Design vocational education and rehabilitation Center for Ex-Militants’/ Youths of the community to provide the necessary skills for a specific job or career to empower them for hire that will formerly lead them into the mainstream of the society rather than paying allowance, rehabilitate them and let them have skills that could sustain them and self-supporting. We would continue to have anarchy and the rule of crime and criminal if we do not do something about the issue of Ex-Militants and provide meaningful livelihood for these able and dynamic ones of beloved country Nigeria. Ex-Militants rehabilitation is problem, and controversial issue that is obvious but is ignored by the systems (Local Government, State Government, and Federal Government). It is so big we can not ignore it.

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Comment by arun on July 1, 2019 at 7:51am

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Comment by Enabulele wellington enomamien on November 9, 2010 at 8:52pm
Pls mr.writer i think,bayelsa and rivers are part of niger/delta why analysing them as if they are different.we should be very careful of our write up,pls do more research before posting.nevertheless thanks for letting the public knw the level of damaged and suffering in the area,if only our leaders wil care to listen.

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