Do you still need that old coat on you or want to get ride of it? You will like to get ride of it, these are what you should do to get ride of it.


Drop all selfish ambitions; be true in all your dealings with human and nature. Be kind and considerate with one and another; be calm at face of all crises. Don’t be lousy in speech, don’t say or reply word with anger or loudly. Don’t backbite and don’t participate where people are back biting others, don’t encourage fighting or trading of insult or engage in fruitless controversies.


Be ready to assist others in their times of difficulties, be first to offer to solve your family, friends, local government, state, or nation problem than waiting to be called before coming forward. Don’t chase away someone who came to you seeking your advice or help on problems touching his or her life, For the Lord will chase your spirit away when you seek help from Him. Listen to what he or she has to say, then solve the problem if you can and where by you cannot, dismiss the person politely.


Anger as we all knew is the root of all destruction, we must do all it takes to avoid becoming angry in all issues touching our life no matter how insulting or grave that reason of being angry may be. When someone hurt you, tell him politely. And if he shouts at you instead of saying sorry, let him go. Even if you have power over him let him go, to avoid getting angry.


Don’t trample on people’s right because you have scope to do that, for one never know whether God will make him or her strong or weak tomorrow. Discharge your duty as per your office rules and regulation, and in the case where your office does not have rules and regulations, treat your clients with respect for such are the way forward we needed to get where others who are human beings like us are today.


Don’t be dazzled by worldly power wealth and position, because if you do you’ll lose sense of justice and will be carried away by endless lust. We must go extra miles to forgive injuries, insult and persecution we received from others, to enable us concentrate on the right things we are to do that are not yet done.


Excitement is good when situation calls for that, but destructive when easily excited in worthless issue. If the mind is too much in a state of excitement, it cannot carry out well considered plans. It pays a lot to talk less and listen more, much more well to be silent than talking senseless or participating on energy wasting debate. 

Pray everybefore leaving your home, voice out your wishes and desires to God so long it’s not of evil or something that leads to destruction of life and properties, and God will grant it at his own time. Patience is the key; those who have patience will live long enough to get to their destination. Endurance is the oil; it nourishes you if you apply it in all after effect of your mistakes. Love is the energy; it keeps your life growing harmoniously with nature. Hatred, do all it takes to avoid any situation or crises capable of compelling you to hate anybody.


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