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This is my first of many blogs that will hopefully provide someone somewhere with very important and valuable information that may save someones
life or just help ease the stress of living paycheck to paycheck. I
will like to start by telling a little about my self. My name is Marcus
Hull, I am a 26 year old born and raised in Mississippi. While growing
up I saw many things that I would have loved to been able to change and
make better. Rundown neighborhoods, homeless, poor education systems,
all these things led me to want to be better and to one day be able to
provide a better lifestyle to someone less fortunate. I left
Mississippi in 2002 when I enlisted in the US Army. Upon completion of
my initial tour, I was awarded a scholarship to attend a university of
my choice to become a leader in the Military. I completed that training
in 2008 and was made 2LT. Hull. The years have passed by and many
ranks have come and gone. I was living a better life then, but I still
wasn't following up on my dream, which was to help others. So I went in
to recruiting at the local college in Raleigh, NC. This gave me the
opportunity to give back to students who came from the type of community
that I grew up in. I began to mentor potential drop outs, and coach
students who were on the brink of suicide. That gave me the best
feeling in the world. I felt even better when I watched each of those
students also gain there commission in the US Army.

Now my wife and I are ready to take on a new challenge. In March of 2010, we were approached by many people who wanted us to join this and that
business opportunity. We were getting samples of all types of
products. I mean my wife didn't have to purchase any make up for a
month, due to all the free make up she received from the party's she was
invited to. I have to admit some of the opportunities sounded great,
but they all had their flaws. Being military, I was often targeted for
scams. So before we joined any business I had to first do my research
on the person who presented the idea to me, secondly I had to thoroughly
inspect the business it self for any complaints or scam warnings.
Three things that I always ask my self before I gave a second thought to
a new business was, how much will it cost me to start this business
initially, how easy and well know are the products, and finally how
long will it take me to get my initial investment back. When I was
approached with the Ardyss International business opportunity, I did my
research and to my surprise the only negative comments that I found were
of bad distributors and failed team leaders. There were no comments
directly placing a negative image of Ardyss. So I did the next smart
thing and asked around my job and with people who I deal with or just
the lady in the shopping mall. Once again not a single bad comment. So
I then went into my three questions.

Well how much did this business cost me to start? I initially paid 299.99 to start my business PurifyingSouls. I got a variety of products with
my initial investment. I received 6 bottles of Le Vive Juice, 1 Abo Men
Tee, A detox kit, Power Boost, Memory Charge, extra catalogs, and a few
other marketing items. The good part is is that in reality I only
spent 50.00 to start my business because I was smart and realized how to
leverage other people's money to work for me. What I mean is, I had
already sold 4 bottles of the juice, the power boost, memory charge, and
the detox kit. Also I use the catalogs as tools which I will tell you
about in a later blog. So that took care of that initial fee. Next I
already realized how easy it was to sell the products because I had some
sold before I even "joined" the business fully. And you can take the
word sold for little or nothing in this company because I educate not
sale. And lastly, it took me every bit of 45 min to make my 50.00 back
from my initial investment. The next day at work I was just passing my
catalog around when one lady asked me how much was my body magic going
for. I gave her my price, and she almost flipped out of her chair. I
thought it was a bad thing, but in reality she was grateful, because I
had just saved her almost 100.00 from what some other rep told her. She
ended up being one of my biggest and first customers.

So as you see I have provided you with a good over view of the reasons why I joined Ardyss. It is now time for you to start your own story. Who
will you help out? Who will you bless? Who's life will you change? When
you are ready please contact us at [email protected] and go to our
site at We appreciate your time.


Marcus J. Hull

PurifyingSouls, CEO

[email protected]

Your Life Changing Experience Starts Here

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