‘The main purpose of this book is to make it easy for a non-lawyer to write his own will. This is a laudable purpose. This is a unique book written in a painstaking manner. The style is hard to beat. It is easy to read. It is a must for all libraries. Please go ahead and get your own copy.’

Justice A.A. Kolajo

‘The book is well written and makes the subject-matter of last will and testament better understood.’

Professor Akinwunmi Isola

‘The book is very informative. It is easily readable to ordinary citizens. Generally, this book is a useful companion to all and sundry and a ‘must-read’ to non-lawyers’

                                                                                                             Dr. Saka A. Balogun

                                                                                                               Former Chief of Staff

to the Oyo State Government


‘I consider it a must-have, and a must-read, by everyone that aspires a life of greatness and fortune. I congratulate you for the great work. I recommend it most highly.’

                                                                                                              Dr. Abib Olamitoye, Founder,

                                                                                                              Ibadan Central Hospital, Ibadan


‘One of the distinct features of HOW TO WRITE YOUR WILL WITH EASE is Adegbite’s ability to communicate and connect in a language devoid of technical jargon or legal ambiguity, yet drive the message home in a practical and personal way. It will definitely add to you. ’

                                                                                             Victor Ogbebor, ACA, MBA, M.Ed,  B.Sc


‘How To Write Your Will With Ease is a fascinating book. The question and answer format is novel and lends itself to a simplification and easy understanding of the complex legal issues of wills and inheritance. The book is an important contribution to legal literature and the author’s professional resolve to embark on a ‘series’ called ‘Law for non-lawyers’ is laudable. That notwithstanding, I make bold to say that, while non-lawyers will certainly find the book instructive, lawyers should also find it illuminating.’

                                                                                                         Chief ‘Folake Solanke, SAN, CON


‘This book, although written by a practicing lawyer of considerable years of experience, is not addressed to lawyers. Nonetheless, lawyers too can find it useful. It does not purport to be a legal textbook. It is addressed to those who should necessarily have something to do with wills, to those who would not like to have labored in vain while sojourning on this side of the divide by ensuring that from their graves, they would still be directing how the affairs of their material wealth should be handled even when they are no longer physically present on earth. Indeed, the book is written for all those who are literate and can carefully follow the guidelines set out in the book when personally writing their own wills.’

                                                                      Hon. Justice Pius Olayiwola Aderemi, JSC (Rtd), CON

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