RE:Rush for President Jonathan Daughter's Wedding by Delegates to the Confab: A Diservice to the Nation?? read the online edition of the Vanguard and also watched the Channels Television's News at 10 broadcast, where I was totally disappointed with the delegates who abandoned their primary National Calls just to attend The President's daughter's wedding.


I found it very disbelieving that people, whom I thought or presumed to be great Nigerians of all times are having difficulty in distinguishing National from social calls.  Let me quickly point out here that I am not against socials, after all, All work and no play they say, makes jack a dull boy.


To me they could have at the least, still waited after the last sitting before leaving for the wedding on the morning of the 5th.  My questions now are: Where they all invited by the Couple or The President? If they were invited, why then did some of them choose to stay behind? and even at that, the invitation to the wedding and the representation as a delegate, which came first? This is what we call EYE SERVICE.


I thought our democracy had outgrown this cheap eye service politics, too bad.


I want to implore al the delegates that represent various interests, constituencies, groups, associations etc to take this conference very seriously, because the younger generations future depends largely on the outcome.  National Conference is a very serious business not an avenue for Social Call or Party.


I wish you all healthy and productive deliberations when you return. 

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