Individualism, though beneficial in the multi-dimensional innovations it produces, is when misapplied harmful to the corperate existence of a people. In its uncoordinated extreme as the Ndigbo's kind exemplifies, it impedes every meaningful progress, side-lines a people and threatens their collective survival. Moreso, when amid an untoward socio-political setting, a people who ab initio are victims of misanthropy, would become the vanquished in the machinations that ensue from an ethnocentric-c**-political rivalry.


   Independent thinking or variety of judgement which defines individualism is good. At least it helps in seeing the many sides of the coin in every issue with the advantage of profering a more holistic resolution. Yet, if it lacks coordination directed at common good, it becomes a disintegrating force in the discordant tune it produces. For want of coordination for her myriad of divergent independent thoughts of inestimable value, Ndigbo in the eyes of the world is beratedly adjudged as being incapable of having a common political front and voice.


   Independent thinking which characterizes Ndigbo's socio-political ethos would have been well appreciated had Nigeria eschewed ethnicity and nepotism from its socio-political tinkerings. A Nigeria free from the srangulating hold of ethnicity and nepotism would in her bid at resolving many of her socio-political maladies, select the wisest and most pragmatic views from her pool of reasonings which independent thinking profers. She would engage her best brains and hands. In such a situation, an independent Igbo thinker whose superb socio-political philosophy has a nationalistic tint would with his idea have a chance of finding national utility. But unfortunataly, in Nigeria, favouritism reigns over meritocracy and ethnic-c**-nepotic sentiments over nationalism. In such a case, a nationalistic philosophizing Ndigbo is more or less ethnically self-defeating.


   Politically, Ndigbo is lagging behind other ethinic groups. Whereas other geo-political zones have at least six states each, South East of the Ndigbo has only five. The genesis and reasons for this imbalance if traced, could show that beyond every external connivance to keep her marginalised, Ndigbo's irreconciliable individualism had been more contributory. And right about now, creation of additional states is touted here and there in favour of Ndigbo. The apparent imbalance in the geo-political zones which placed her in a political disadvantaged position, justifies Ndigbo's clamour for at least one additional state. But whereas other Nigerians favourably inclined to an additional state for Ndigbo are ready which without their support this desire would be unrealistic, Ndigbo's unbriddled individualism is again asserting itself obstructively.


   Very soon and going by PDP's zoning system, it would be Ndigbo's turn to produce a presidential candidate for the party of which all things being equal, one of Ndigbo might become the president of Nigeria. A Nigerian president of the Igbo stock would not only give the Ndigbo a sense of belonging but would afford them the opportunity of proving their virtuosity in statecraft. Many people fear and some ridicule that in the event of such opportunty, Ndigbo's uncoordinated individualism would assert itself to mare her chances.


   An Ndigbo without a forum that cares for and promotes her group's goals could be traced to be the reason for the reign of individualism amongst Ndigbo. Such a forum when it comes into existence, should have a way of coordinating if not briddling extreme individualism. People ordinarily should have their say and their individual goals pursued but not at the detriment of or in conflict with the group's goals and interests. The group's goal must always have a sway over the individual's. Whereas the group's goals seeks the happiness, well-being and protection of the greatest number if not all, the individual's if strictly selfish must not conflict with the group's.


   In this regard, Ndigbo's new socio-political philosophy has to be "the group's first", such that it becomes a great transgression against Ndigbo for any Igboman to act in a way that conflicts with the group's goals and interests. Any such trangressors should be tagged enemies of the Ndigbo and declared a persona non grata in Igboland.


   Ohaneze Ndigbo as a forum could be elevated to play this role of an umpire that moderates Ndigbo's extreme individualism. It lives up to that responsibility or it is dismantled with the formation of an 'Ndigbo Youth Consultative Forum' which regionally draws its membership from state chapters, and states from local government chapters, and local goernments from ward chapters. This forum should become a think tank on socio-political issues as they affect the wellbeing of the generality of Ndigbo, moderating, coordinating and harmonizing independent thoughts and actions as not to be in conflict with the group's goals and interests. 'Ofuonye adighi anyi oha'- one man cannot resist the public, the saying goes!    

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