RE:Buhari’s 30 days in office: All motion, no movement — PDP

Nigerians must not be deceived by the antics of desperation and propaganda by these group of people who have squandered the economy of this country for the past years. I have not seen in any part of the world where a new government performance will be judged within 30 days in office, even in their time in office, they introduced 100 days which is even still not enough to judge the performance of new govt., If their claim that the economy of the country was in good shape, why are they in such a hurry to see change? The Presidency has issued a statement that it cannot build on Ex President Jonathan's sordid foundation, that he's presently compiling reports from the various departments with a view to preferring long lasting solutions, what's wrong with that, I think the PDP is mounting pressure in order for PMB to lose focus and make a mistake, If PMB has not appointed Ministers or named his Cabinet, is it constitutional or not, if its not , why don't they commence a constitutional process against him, rather than this cheap propaganda on every pages of newspaper? The PDP has failed to realised that we have passed that era of cheap propaganda, go back to your drawing board, if you have one, for now, give PMB and his government a chance to demonstrate to you what 'Governance' is all about, only then would you know whether to criticize or appraise.

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