Re: BUDGET 2012, V.P.( Namadi Sambo ) TO SPEND 3 BILLION NAIRA !

The federal government planned to spend N3bn( three billion naira ) on it's VP alone, this budget includes among other things like; office equipments , vehicles maintenance, foodstuff, medics and other sundry requirements.  For example N477 million, for food,that is N1.31 million every day ! translating this into three square meals par day you will get, N 436,700.00k par meal.DRUGS, N314 million,that is N860,300.00, every day!, NEWS PAPERS, N45 million, that is, N123,287.00k every day( this amount could get you almost 617 copies!,etc..etc. Logically if we are this rich ! why should the FED remove fuel subsidy?! so please NLC, ASSU, NUJ, etc, take note and do the needful, because about 85% of us(Nigerians) live below poverty line,and at the pace country's economy is decelerating I don't think Nigeria can afford this extravaganza, or is the fuel subsidy set as potential source, from to pay this unrealistic bill( Budget 2012) ? Let's not continue choosing to die in silence, it is high to rise, and see to reason.

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