Branding is one issue every entrepreneur must face at one point in a business or another. The challenge arises because the entrepreneur will try to figure out the best way to relate to the audience to persuade them to not only choose you over your competitors but also to make you a household name. Though there are different books on business branding on the internet, there’s always this feeling that something is missing.

Every entrepreneur believes they have the best ideal and product, but the problem is always how to get the brand to connect with the desired audience.

Let’s say this entrepreneur is you, and you’re wondering why you can’t connect with your target market.

What might be the issue?

It traces down to one thing.

Being effective at selling is nearly impossible without having a remarkable brand.

You might have the best product and offer mouthwatering packages, but if you can’t communicate the actual value of your brand, you won’t succeed.

Communicating your real value can only be achieved when you understand your purpose.

A purpose is something that your company strives to achieve that’s beyond selling more products or delivering more services

  • It makes your brand remarkable.
  • It makes you easy to identify with and
  • It makes your brand hard to be forgotten.

For you to achieve all these, you need to communicate to your audience that your company is much more than just the profit. You need to show that you have a larger purpose.


What’s Brand Purpose?

A brand purpose is essentially a brand’s reason for being in existence, beyond making money. It showcases how the company intends to make the world better. Brand purpose is that which lifts you out of just thinking about yourself and your ideas. It gives you a broader context that inspires more lateral thinking and motivates others to join you in the pursuit of your purpose. It provides both your employees and your customers something to believe in and a cause that they can support.

Usually, when one thinks of a organization’s brand, they’re tempted to focus on the products and services that they offer. However, in today’s marketing atmosphere where several companies claim to offer what you offer in a better, faster, and cheaper way, brands need something more to stand out.

Purpose gives your company a “Why”. It’s the real reason you do what you do. If you wish to stand out from the competition, your brand has to stand for something beyond the products and services your offer.


5 Big Questions that’ll help you determine your Brand Purpose

Knowing the importance of brand purpose is one thing; finding a brand purpose is another. Finding a purpose is no easy task at all. It requires a little bit of soul searching and reflection on the values of your business.

This piece highlights some questions you can ask yourself to help you determine your brand purpose.


1. What change do you want to effect

Having the change you want to bring with your product/service can help you discover your brand purpose. You need to ask yourself how your business is uniquely equipped to effect that change. From there, you’ll know the way to structure your brand purpose.


2. How Can Your Company Make That Difference

When you know the problem you wish to solve, the change you wish to effect, you’ll then have to figure out what and how your brand can make the difference. Sure, it doesn’t make sense to complain about a problem if you don’t intend to do anything about it.


3. What Change Do People Want to See?

For you to have a successful brand purpose, you need to understand what changes your audience wants to see and the issues they see as important in the world. When you figure this out, you’ll be able to adopt a purpose that people already believe in.


4. How Do You Communicate Your Brand’s Purpose?

When you figure out your brand’s purpose, you’ll need to communicate it to your target market. Ask yourself the most effective ways you’ll communicate this purpose and structure an effective marketing strategy to that effect.


5. How Does Your Purpose Motivate Your Team?

While it’s essential to have a purpose that attracts an audience, you’ll need to consider those you’ll be working with in your organization. A vital part of a purposeful brand is having employees that buy your vision and believe in it enough to push it.



Conclusively, it would be best if you understood that entrepreneurship isn’t easy. Part of being a successful entrepreneur means having a guiding purpose; It keeps you grounded and focused on what’s important and on making an impact that’ll inspire your audience.


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