put back the spicy sexy fun in your marriage/relationship.... call house69 now


Everyone’s doing it “secretly” so why not both of you, escort couples have been known by many names over time, such as swingers, sex duos foursome pro’s e.t.c. but are a best kept secret of couples whose marriages have lasted the longest.

Relationships die because the bedroom spice has either gone cold, or was never that hot to stand the test of time, or maybe due to the most common problem..... Infidelity, but those 16th century problems shouldnt be in your marriage of this 21st century.

By employing the services of a “no-strings attached” couple from house69 to put back the magic in your bedroom, you remove the doubt that your significant other is cheating because both parties are having consentual sex in the presence of each other. You get to learn new tricks that keeps both of you looking foreward to each sexual encounter with renewed vigor. Sexual fantasies/cravings can be played out, and ultimate fulfilment achived like never before

The benefits are pages long so its best you pick up your phone now and call our 24/7 hotline for all the info and special effects you would want in your special session.

We also have professional escorts of the highest of standards, be it in the areas of sexual proficiency, therapeautic/erotic massages, sexual consultancy, and most importantly, discretion!

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