This is a very tragic story, School was supposed to be a safe place for our kids, as education plays a vital role in the lives of our kids and the society at large.

But I'm very sure the parents of Madire Mohadi would not share this sentiment, it was gathered that a 16 year old Madire Mohadi was electrocuted on Tuesday last week as she ran to her classroom when it was raining.According to sources and eye witnessess, Madire Mohadi a grade 12 pupil at Geluksdal Secondary School near Tsakane, Ekurhuleni, South Africa, pulled the door frame, and she was instantly killed by electricity.

Paramedics declared Madire dead at the scene. Gauteng Education spokesman Oupa Bodibe said, the school was visited by officials from the district, but as regards what could cause the shock is still uncertain.

Pupils told that thugs had tampered with the electric meter boxes and stolen cables from the mobile classrooms.

“Some of the meter boxes are still open. We expected the school to fix the problem but it took too long. If the problem had been fixed Madire would still be alive
today,” claimed the pupils.

A judicial inquiry has been opened at Tsakane Police Station.

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