Publish your Educational Project writings on <a href=""></a> open to graduates and students

Are you a student/graduate and do you know you can earn from your research ?
Do you know your research work is imporant for another student to undergo his/her own research, which also promotes continuity of research ?

Brilliantng Media Hub has launched the 1st African based online Library that is bringing graduates/students who have done one form of research or the other in any field of study and level of study.

Your work with us is secured with our levels of  security implementations, the customers also have options of making online payments on Projectslib and also they can perform bank transfer and within 10mins your research would get to them and your store wallet with us gets credited. U can always withdraw your money at every end of the month.

You are eligible so far you are a student/ graduate of either a university, polytechnic or college of education in any part of the world.

To begin visit and signup as a vendor if you want to create a research store with us ( you also get access to the resources like a customer) or as a customer if you want to purchase a research work only.

Why did we launch this Educational Store ?

It's high time you earn from your hardwork.

We aim to reduce content theft and promote proper referencing of Research materials by researchers world wide, as a researcher purchasing your work would see all informations about you, and also can have a chance to contact you.


You can use the live chat supports on to chat with an admin or call/whatsapp: +2349036857618, also you can email: [email protected]

Like our Facebook page:

Thank you, I anticipate hearing from you soon. Happy earnings with us.

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