Pseudo working is something that we all have been doing since forever. It's the act of pretending to do work without putting considerable amount of efforts and concentration into the act. It is something that tends to be quite natural and none of us can deny doing that.

Being human beings, it is not always necessary to perform each task with utmost level of concentration. There is humongous amount of biases that engulfs a human brain. Be it our mood, our level of motivation or even our liking towards a particular task. Our efficiency is usually directly proportional to those personal biases.

So, the question that arises is why do we really pseudo-work? The answer to this question is as straight as a ruler. We do it for our personal satisfaction. Just to make ourselves feel at ease that at-least we are trying to do the task without "really" doing so. This is nothing but an act so as to trick our mind. Human mind is an amazing little guy. It keeps our world intact within it. The world that engulfs our surroundings, our family, friends and even our sense of responsibilities. Since this little guy is quite an active being, consciously or unconsciously he knows his and wants to accomplish his  as he is quite clear with his to-do-list.

When we don't really feel like working, this guy does his job and starts to trigger us so as to complete our tasks. In that situation, what do we do ? We "pretend" to do that particular thing. Hence, the results.

  • No efficiency being out into the task

Efficiency is the result of one's tendency to do a task after following a certain process. When the person is not happy and convinced while doing a particular task, his level of efficiency will never be up-to the mark. For instance, if I am a homework writer, and doing sake work just for the sake of it, I will not be able to deliver to deliver apt results to the client.

  • Poor analysis of the situation

In case you task demands some reasoning and analyzing, pseudo-working will never let you do that. Analyzing something requires some concentrated number and data crunching. If not done efficiently will never give good results.


  • Wastage of your precious time

Psuedo-working is one the worst ways of killing your time because it never allows you to feel that you are actually wasting your time. For your own satisfaction, you might think that you are working, but deep down in your heart, you know the opposite is happening.


All this boils down to just one thing that is poor results. Does this entire process look any good to us? I certainly think, No! So, what do we do then? Quite simple! Work only when you feel the zeal to go forward with that particular task. When a person isn't enthusiastic towards any task that he undertakes, he tends to pseudo work. The best way to deal with such situations is by not falling into this trap at the first place. Avoid times when you don’t feel like working. Having said that, you need to prioritize your work. Dedicate specific time slots. While doing so, make sure when you work, you “actually” work. Not just pseudo-work. Wish you all the very best.

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