From our discussion in our last meeting all the concept of project idea was explain in detail. In compliance to my promise to give out some tip that will/may be a guide to the exercise given to them. (i.e to write on two project ideas that will solve a specific problem in the society, it could be a village, town, state, country or globally)
Below are some ideas and tips to help you come up with your vision and turn it into a project idea:
1. Define your community: What is your community? Is it your neighborhood? Your school? Your city? Etc.
2. What do you want to change? I'll give you Some ideas
*. Map the strengths and weaknesses of your community. Take a walk around your community and observe good things as well as things that you would like to change. For example: Does every place seem safe? Are there things, places, or services that are missing? Are there any tensions between different kinds of people in the community? List all the things you observed.
*. Conduct a survey of students at your school or through a local community center. What issues do your community and peers care about?
*. Watch the news and read the newspaper browse the internet. What stories make you feel angry or anxious?
3. How are you going to change it?
Some project ideas:
*. Research the issue! The more you know,the better prepared you’ll be to face this problem and to educate others.
*. Research how other people are tackling the same issue. Check if other people have noticed the same problems that you have. What are community organizations and other non-profit organizations doing to address the issue
*. Ask the people or community you are hoping to help. This dialogue can take the form ofan informal discussion or a more formal survey.
*. Ask your friends and neighbors for their ideas. Since you may need their help latter on, it’s not a bad idea to get their input now. The earlier they get involved the more likely they are to help later on.
Even there in MOUAU exist a lot of unidentified project ideas that you can turn to a business opportunity(s) to the rising population.
Project Description:
Renovation of Community Hall including energy efficiency improvements.
This idea fits with/
The project fits with the community development Strategy.
The project will serve
Elemaga and it environs.
This is aimed to serve
Charity community youth hall for the whole community but with an emphasis on youth in the villages of Elemaga, Isiala-ibere, Itunta, Obuoru, Iberenta...etc.
Who will be involved in delivering the project? :
The Elemaga Development Union and its autonomous community
Who will benefit from the project (companies, individuals?)?
The residents of Elemaga,and neighboring villages as well as visitors to the area and schools, including business/firm.
What might the project achieve (e.g. number of people or companies helped, improvements made)?
Improved energy efficiency within the current hall and the entire locality.
What is the scale of the project likely to be ?
Has any feasibility work already been done, e.g. research, or seeking other sources of funding? Please state if you need help in scoping this out. Note questionnaire are need here.
I hope you can now think of more and more project ideas?
The Path to Change provides all the information you need to start a community action project. This information will help you find a cause, teach you how to establish a plan and purpose for your project, and show you the steps to create a plan. Use this to get your project off the ground and running!
I Think you have what it takes to change the world.
Warning: Don't include the above example(s) in the assignment you will submit in our next meeting. Once again

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