On August 3, 1997, Henry joined Arsenal from Juventus and the transfer fee was £11 million. When he came to the new club, he first wanted the number 12, but the 12th gunner belonged to FIFA Coins Christopher-Ray. Ray is also Arsenal from Monaco, to go to the teacher Wenger, the Ivorian striker played well in the 1997-1999 double crown season. At the time, David Dion told Henry that he could exchange numbers with Ray, but Henry politely declined because of his respect for Ray, so he got No. 14 worn by no one - nothing to do with another Dutch superstar, Cruyff. .

Prior to the 1993-1994 season, the Premier League did not have a fixed number. According to tradition, the main players generally wear the 1st to the 11th, and the 14th means the substitute. David O'Leary has served as the main defender of Arsenal for a long time, so he has been wearing the 5th, but the number has also grown larger since the age of 30, and was once changed to the 14th. When Martin Keon just moved from Everton to Arsenal, he wore it on the 14th. Until 1999, after one of the five old guards, Boulder left, he changed to No. 5.

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