President Obama is greater than we thought

I have watched very closely the policies of the Obama administration in the United States of America since his election and I have not until now been able to place my hands on any indices to indicate his famed greatness.
I may not be the best of judges but President Obama’s decision to pursue what
is right baring the political consequences must stand out as the stuff great men
are made. I watched him declare during his Health care debate that
political consequence would not deter him from moving for comprehensive Health
care coverage for Americans. For that singular action, President Obama has
justified all that was speculated about his greatness.

I have always known he faced serious opposition from the American establishment in his change America campaign but I can tell you so far he has not been swallowed by the waves in the sense that he has fought doggedly
to keep to the tenets of his change slogan. Were he like others by now he would
have been pandering to opinion polls .If the majority could see far into the
future then there would have been no need for leadership. That takes care of
opinion polls for you. The good leader will always be unpopular until his
policies begin to bear fruits and one year plus may not turn out to be enough
time to judge.

In political analysis there is always the pendulum swing in events. There is always a reaction to victory. Politicians try to use these swings to maximize their message. In Iraq it took so long to wear out the effect of
Saddam Hussien demise from power. The politicians used their last money to
sponsor suicide bombers to prevent elections but today we know that their resistance
has worn thin with time and a great electoral fortune awaits Iraq with the
current success. Even in Nigeria all the bloodletting could be the reaction to
recent political changes and will test the resilience of the new government.
There are numerous examples, and the United States cannot be an exception. In
fact the American instance may be worse because Health care seeks to elevate
the lower classes into those who can think for themselves instead of depending
on their more healthy overlords. To this extent, health care seeks to change
the long standing master servant relationship in America. How do you think the
present overlords will take it, I mean the insurance companies, the oil
magnates and conglomerates with little or no exclusive allegiance to the
American people? These are owners of the media power, those who know what the
deficit is about. And what is it, you would ask me. The billion deficits is a
deficit to their power, a deficit to the status
as it spells greater investment from the have not against the haves.

Now you know why America has not passed the Health care bill for one century. Some people feel it negates the super structure of slavery and after the civil rights movement and legislations of the 60s; the recent election of a
black man to the white house, that America may not be ready to make another big
concession to its people. President Obama’s opponents see the Health Bill as
the best way to short circuit the Obama change doctrine as well as his re-election to
office. They nearly succeeded but now that you know the whole truth they have
failed. The Health care bill is the best thing to happen to America and will
reverberate through the entire world as an example of a new high of natural
balance in governance. The Creator of the world cares foremost about welfare
and good health of his created citizens. By his providence in incarnation He
makes sure that each person is put where all he needs is obtainable and He
designed the human being with the hands, legs, brain to get it. But with the
emergence of mass society, with incessant migration away from natural habitats,
He also gave us governments to ensure that man gets his basic needs from
wherever he finds himself. He desired man to be free from want, from oppression
except he were to choose it out of his own indolence. So a government that
fails to give health care coverage is not supported by the creator. With the passage of
the Health Care bill, the American government will become a true government as
ordained from above. With that kind of achievement who cares about opinion

Mr Nworisara is a former Nigerian Presidential Aspirant

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