The newly elected Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan in condemning the recent post electoral upheavals in some Northern States is obliged to send a strong message to those who are using the unenlightened youths in their states to commit atrocities. It beats every rational mind that some politicians in their crave to get to official position can resort to killing or encouraging others to kill. Communities that have been living side by side in peace over the years wakes up one morning and decides to kill  themselves simply because an election did not favour a particular candidate. If the perpertrators of this violence thinks they can change the will of majority of Nigerian voters, they better think again, no amount of intimidation or acts of cowardice can change the election results as announced by the INEC. In a region where the usual practice of choosing leaders is not done in a democratic way, this new experience is bound to meet some resistance from some diehard conservators. The president has now given the green light to the security agents to fish out those responsible for these waste of human lives. These youths must have been given a backup by some disgruntled politicians and local leaders. No stone should be left unturned in the hunt for these enemies of democracy in general and Nigeria in particular. We don't want a state of lawlessness!

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