President Jonathan: Proving the Sceptics Right by Femi Aderupatan

Many years ago, those who do not share our political system common aspirations doubted if the country would survive as a viable economic entity, judging by its size, corruption, and missmanagement of our natural resources. But with President Jonathan, Nigeria is at a cross road due to lack of leadership in the country.
The president indeed have proved that the survival of a country does depend on abundant natural resources but not on a pragmatic and purposeful leadership. The President recent statement that Nigeria would not survived if oil subsidy stay was disturbing and lack of leadership.
It is self-evident that in few years, President Jonathan has in many ways distanced himself from the core pillars that brought him to administer the affairs of people -accountability, transparency and zero tolerance for corruption, all benchmarks with which a progressive government can be measured.
Above all, his government has not brought any commencement of projects such as construction of roads, establishment of health facilities, and construction of schools, among others to suffering Nigerians.
Apart from the numerous developments registered, there is no ample evidence to manifest that this leadership has not fully incorporated the authority of the people in an everlasting and inclusive manner in governance. The Jonathan adminstration has not given the masses a wide scope to achieve self-confidence and to control their political, economic, social and cultural resources.
Time and time Jonathan failed to comment on Nigerians pains and sufferings and proving right sceptics in the midst of unlimited resources of the government is indeed significant. It is always important that as a people, we always appreciate the efforts and services of those who stood by us to achieve our ambitions.
What Jonathan have been able to achieve in national development have prove the sceptics right that Nigeria needs a revolution. No one can argue otherwise that when a nation begins to think and reflect towards the same direction there is always more hope of development and growth.
We can recall in history that the Renaissance led to the scientific inquiry of the age which brought about the various inventions and innovations we are enjoying today.
Since then it has become a slogan of "backward never and forward ever" in terms of human innovations and change. Conversely, Nigerians home and abroad have began to think and not only thinking, but thinking critically and in a foresighted manner.
With President Jonathan present disposition of lack of leadership and unconstructive thinking, we Nigerians cynic can stand on its way. The forces of liberalism and modernism have not taken over from the forces of conservatism and so, it is hight tech corruption and lack of development galore all the way with President Jonathan.
President Jonathan has demonstrated that development is a foreign language. He is not turning around the fortunes of Nigerinas while some African leaders are on a jamboree.
Those corrupt politicians and President Jonathan who wish Nigeria ill are living in illusion and making a fundamental mistake. The Nigeria people are strong, intelligent and God's willing would passed these fragile embryonic stage and blossom with rapid growth and investments with or without Jonathan leadership. The lack of a pragmatic and exemplary leadership that the country is endowed with is overwhelming. Nigeria need a leader who has the burning desire to achieve more, does more.

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