President Goodluck Jonathan may be sacked by Nigerians before his tenure ends


By David A. Akintimoye


The handwriting is on the wall. President Goodluck Jonathan may be sacked before he completes his tenure as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. He became the Acting President of Nigeria in February 2010. He became a substantive President in May 2010 after the death of President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua. He was elected as the President of Nigeria in a general election conducted in April 2011. He won that election by deceiving Nigerian Christians into believing that he was a practicing Christian and that he would do what was right. Shortly before the general presidential election in Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan went to the foremost pastors in Nigeria and pled for their support. On one glaring occasion, he was publicly seen kneeing and begging for prayers at a worship service held in the Redemption camp led by Pastor E.A. Adeboye in Nigeria before over 800,000 Christians. He also gave a speech during that meeting in which he appealed to Nigerians to vote for him and that he would help us. Because the church in Nigeria wields so much influence on their members, he got the votes or support of about 50 million Nigerian Christians. However, the way Jonathan Goodluck has handled the affairs of Nigeria since he became President clearly showed that he was not a born again Christian but a pretender. The failure of the incumbent President includes the following:


  1. He has failed to curtail the activities of Boko Haram to date:

     From all indication, some few powerful politicians in Nigeria are the sponsors of the terrorist organization that has clamed the lives of thousands of Nigeria and is still threatening to kill more Nigerians in cold blood. The inability of the President to tackle this terrorist organization demonstrates that he has failed as the Commander in Chief of the Nigerian Armed Forces. The mass relocation of the Igbos from the North to the East of Nigeria due to their people being killed by the Boko Haram people exemplifies my point.  The question on everybody’s lip is why the known political sponsors of Boko Haram have not been brought to book. I think he should be ashamed to call himself the Commander in chief from henceforth.


  1. He has failed to recover money that past politicians and military officers stole from Nigeria.

      President Goodluck has been in the office for two years now. He has not probed well-known thieves like General Ibrahim Babangida, President Olusegun Obasanjo, General Abdubakar Abdusalam and their cronies till today. These are retired Nigerian leaders who live beyond their means. Their total salary and other benefits from the time they served Nigeria in whatever capacities until they retired are grossly inadequate for the lavish lifestyle they live. Without question, these thieves are still in Nigeria and are untouchable. If he goes after them he will recover trillions’ of Naira that they have stolen. He can then use the money to improve the lots of over 150 million Nigerians who do not have basic necessities of life.  This President is in the habit of deceiving Nigerians. When it became glaring to Nigeria that the EFCC was very corrupt and had lost the war against corruption and theft of public fund in Nigeria, he removed the EFCC boss Ms. Farida Waziri and replaced him with Mr. Ibrahim Lamorde. During the routine screening of Ibrahim Lamorde by the Nigerian Senate, the former admitted that the EFCC was corrupt under Mrs. Waziri. He further stated that he had already arrested some corrupt officers of the EFCC since he took over from Mrs. Waziri.  When did Mr. Lamorde become aware that EFCC was corrupt? Was it when he was second in command to Waziri? Was it after the removal of Waziri? If he knew about the corruption in EFCC when Waziri was the boss, why did he not whistle-blow?  (He probably did not whistle-blow because Farida Waziri was his former colleague at Special Fraud Unit of the Nigerian Police Force in the 1990s). If he was afraid that whistle blowing would cost him his job then, it is clear that he will not step on the toes of those who are likely to cost him his job now that he is the boss of EFCC. It therefore appears that the change in the leadership of EFCC was one of form and not substance. It is purely cosmetic. EFCC is nothing more than an image restoration agency. It chases petty thieves and ignore grand thieves who have political connections. 


  1. The earnings and other benefits of the Office of the Presidency and other elected officers are unacceptable to Nigerians.

    Outspoken Nigerians have demonstrated that the money allocated to the Offices of the President of Nigeria and the Vice-President in the 2012 budget is too excessive. Similarly, they have demonstrated that the members of the National Assembly earn more money than their British or American counterparts. The same can be said of the earnings of governors, state lawmakers and council chairmen. Based on available statistics, the daily income of an average Nigerian is less than $2 whereas the daily recurrent expenditure of the current president under the 2012 budget is $462,328 (based on the revised recurrent expenditure of 27 billion Naira earmarked for the Presidency under the 2012 budget).  Why should four hundred and sixty two thousand Dollars be spent on the welfare of the President of Nigeria every day when the average Nigerian earns less than $2 per day?


      As soon as Goodluck Jonathan was elected substantive President, he acquired three brand new presidential jets from France for over $150 million. At the time, there were about 8 jets in the presidential fleet. His spokesman claimed that the costs of repairing those 8 existing presidential jets had become unbearable. Nigerians did not or could not by the lie. Anyway, after the private jets were bought, the first person to be flown on one of them was the wife of the President who did not have any official position under the 1999 Constitution of Nigeria. Every time the incumbent President flies, the Nigerian airspace is shut down to every other plane. No Nigerian ex-president ever did that.


  1. 4.     Nigeria has become worse since Goodluck Jonathan became Nigerian Acting President and substantive President:  

    The 150 million Nigerians who live in Nigeria have continued to suffer needlessly since Jonathan Goodluck became the President of Nigeria two years ago.  Armed robbery and kidnapping have increased. Acts of terrorism have increased.  Poverty and unemployment have increased.  There are no infrastructures: good federal roads, good federal hospitals, good houses, good security and stable electricity. People die daily from preventable diseases due to lack of medication and access to medical care. There are too many unaccountable or inexplicable deaths in Nigeria. Despite good advice to the President from intellectually sound Nigerians that the oil subsidy should not be removed, the President removed it as a New Year gift to Nigeria. That singular act has brought  enormous pain and suffering to Nigerians.  In short, nothing works in Nigeria. Meanwhile, the assistants of the President continue to use logic and rhetoric to cow Nigerians into believing that all will be well. The truth is that the patience of Nigerians is seriously running out. Recall that former President Olusegun Obasanjo used the same tactic during his eight years in office. In the first half of his reign, he promised Nigerians repeatedly that they should make sacrifices and that they would begin to enjoy the dividends of democracy in the second half of his reign. Anyway, Nigerians made the sacrifices but did not enjoy anything. If anything, they suffered a lot under the reign of President Olusegun Obasanjo. 



     I have noticed that the greatest problem we have in Nigeria is lack of good leadership. Our leaders do not lead by example. They make rhetoric and talk, talk and talk. They end up not solving Nigerian basic problems. How can the welfare and wellbeing of over 150 million Nigerians be endangered by a few self-centered politicians? I am convinced that Nigerians will sack the incumbent president very soon either by impeachment or mass/peaceful revolution (as in Egypt) before he completes his tenure because he does not have the will and courage to do what is right. It seems that he is more interested in keeping his position than changing the appalling status quo. It seems that he is too afraid of stepping on the toes of wicked politicians and military officers who have held Nigerians to ransom in the last 50 years.


      We Nigerians have been praying to God or Allah to change the horrendous living conditions of our people in Nigeria. I believe God will answer our prayer very soon. As I read the Bible, I saw how Pharaoh drowned because he would not free the people of God from oppression. I also saw how the Israelites successfully rebelled against king Rehoboam when he refused to lighten their burdens and instead increased their taxes. God was in support of that rebellion because he had secretly sent one of his prophets to anoint Jeroboam, king Rehobam’s servant, as the next king to take over from Rehoboam.  The Bible says in Proverbs 11:21 (KJV), “ though hand join in hand, the wicked shall not be unpunished”. WEB translation of that verse says, “Most certainly, the evil man will not be unpunished”. Why did IBB lose his wife? Why did General Aremu Okikiola Olusegun Obasanjo lose his wife Stella to ordinary tummy tuck surgery? Why did President Shehu Shagari lose many children all at once? Why did General Sanni Abacha die in office? Why did President Umaru Musa Yar’adua die in office? Were all these deaths acts of coincidence or divine justice? What is Goodluck Jonathan going to learn from the above deaths? “Would that they were wise, that they understood this, that they would discern their future”, Deut. 32:29.

In my opinion, the incumbent President of Nigeria does not appear to be the messiah Nigerians need. He must repent now and start pursuing the welfare of Nigerians at all costs before he is sacked and punished by Nigerians or God for his inaction and abdication of constitutional and statutory duties and responsibilities

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Comment by OBIAJE PETER EDIGAH on March 1, 2012 at 10:25am

During the catastrophe of oil subsidy house of rep has taken the first step to impeach but to no avail. I know for sure he not complete his tenure......... he must surly be impeached; how did he become the president of Nigeria.... he lack leadership skills, unsympathetic, cruel, tyrannical,and unorganized leader Nigeria ever elect. thank for the knowledge..........   

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