Preserving the Life of Digital Devices, with Sugru

There is no doubt that we are living in a digital world. The use of devices has grown exponentially in the last few years as more and more of us rely on them in our day-to-day lives. Whether you find yourself sitting in front of a screen all day at work, or whether you find yourself a social media addict; the preservation of our digital devices is an area we all need to improve upon, if we want to make our planet last longer.

In this digital age there should be no doubt. Preserving our digital devices, making them work harder, faster, and better for longer, should be at the forefront of technology. Why? The number of devices that are discarded each year for silly cosmetic issues is fast spiralling out of control.

We wanted to take a minute and review some of the horrifying stats around digital devices because we firmly believe that the mouldable glue we produce at Sugru is a major step in reducing how much we throw away. Our mouldable glue is waterproof and sets into a silicone based solution that is as tough as the proverbial old boots.

Figures on Disposed Devices are Growing

The figures and statistics related to discarded devices are terrifying. Far too many of us are throwing things away that might still have a few years of use. While mobile recycling firms are doing their best to advertise, it seems that we are reluctant to use them. So what are these figures we keep banging on about, anyway? Let’s take a look.

Some statistics about device disposal that ought to scare you include:

  • Device wastage has developed its own name, that’s how common it is. Electronic waste is collectively known as E-waste
  • Only a little over 12% of that E-waste is recycled worldwide. As of 2020, less than a fifth of us are recycling our old devices. Given that many of them are plastic, you can see where the problem is being created
  • Anything that includes cathode ray tubes are the worst because they are hazardous to health. This technology is found in LCD screens
  • E-Waste makes up two thirds of our total yearly waste output
  • We average out at 40 million tonnes of E-waste per year
  • At the time of writing this article, the year 2020 had already seen 26.25 million tonnes of electrical waste thrown away – and the figure is increasing with every passing second
  • 150 million mobile phones are thrown out annually

Further to all of this, the rate at which we dispose of broken, defective, or out-of-date technology is the same as throwing away 800 laptops per second. Let that sink in a moment before we talk about how Sugru can be helped to correct this gaping need.

How Sugru Can Help Reduce E-Waste

Sugru works to prevent damage to the shell of your devices, paving the way for tech companies to worry about how to update the innards. If you want to protect your new phone from being damaged. Simply mould some corners out of Sugru mouldable glue. It sets into this silicon substance, which will stop the corners of your phone from smashing.

Sugru can be used in any number of other ways, too. It can mend broken screens without the need for discarding the cracked one, therefore reducing wastage. It can act as a sort of putty that you use around your devices, such as cameras, video cameras, tripods, lighting systems – and even in your car – to fix chipped, scratched, broken or otherwise damaged devices, parts, and scopes. It has so many applications it shouldn’t just be limited to the world of devices, but E-waste is one of the areas where Sugru can help most.

Pay us a visit and read more about it. We think we are on to something. With the help of some Sugru round your set, home, car, or office, you can start reducing digital device waste and better preserve the environment. Once we break our habitat there is no fixing it, so let’s act now to prevent it.

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