PRESENTING THE VOICE FROM THE YOUTH {Advice to or coming in leaders}
Nigerians, throw away your discriminant attitude towards each other, support whoever has won to making a better place for the living.

Let us live as acclaim one Nigeria for a forward ever movement, discriminating each other is only a sign that leads to failure.

Our dear elected president Jonathan must learn living by example as a sign for others to follow, especially the youth.

He should fearlessly carry the cross for the Nigerian children, he should walk into the picture of how critical before now, in the areas for restoration, he should no compromise his position.
He should listen to the intelligence of the Nigerian youth and act to for better things to come.

The Nigeria youths are fighting so hard to make positive impact to building a solid rock foundation, fighting to create opportunities for the other, and that does with life saving project such as this;-

ABC4All Mentor
Rommy Wuhe [2]
From Rommy's
Corner says:
"Love, and then peace to the world"
The Love Foundation,
home of
Global Love Day 5-1-11 agrees:
"Love Begins With Me"


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May thy will be done oh LORD.

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