1. Why should, or are we getting married?
2. What are your opinion or view on maintaining a healthy and Godly marriage life?
3. what are to be the building blocks of having a succesful family apart from love?
4. With what attains in the world today, how should a family have and train their children?
5. Would you like your children to be like you and in one sentence why or not?
6. How would you like to train them?

From the questions above it is my view point and with what attains in the world today, that youth and couples in relationship and are looking forward to getting married someday or soon should consider to ask each other - from which i am sure the answers as shocking as they would be, would help couple or aspiring life time partners to set their priorities right. Infact as a lady, it would help you to know if your man truely wants you for keeps or fling. These applies to the men also, it would help you to know the quality of lady you have being going out with. Set your priorities right.

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