The Tri Fuel Carburetor enables you to use three types of fuel to power your Electric Generating Set. This gives you the option to switch between three types of fuel which are Gasoline popularly known as Petrol in Nigeria, CNP (Compressed Natural Gas) which is available but not very commonly used in Nigeria and LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) also known as Propane, or Cooking Gas.

Generators using propane are cleaning and emit less harmful fumes. Standard generators, which run on gasoline produce more odors and can stain or contaminate the surrounding surfaces. Propane, on the other hand is just gas and will dissipate as the generator runs.

Propane is cheaper and more efficient than gasoline. You’ll save a lot of money when you use propane to run your generator because it makes it to last longer and reduce the cost of maintenance due to the fact that there is very little carbon emission from gas, the carburetor won’t be stained and the engine oil will not also get easily black. This makes the generator to experience less wear and tear.

Using propane to power your generator minimizes the possibilities of fire hazards since you don’t need to manually refuel and refill the fuel into to generator. While gasoline generators must be refueled by their owners, on the other hand with propane generators all you need to do is to plug in the gas from the gas can thereby avoiding an possibility of fire accidents.

Propane can be stored for a long time without evaporating, if you don’t use the generator for a long time, propane will not evaporate unlike gasoline. Gasoline when stored in a container for a long time it evaporates. When stored in the sun, it can explode. Gasoline stays the way it is for as long as you want provided the can is not leaking. The only reason why propane can be hazardous is when it is used in an enclosed environment. This is because the air has to be concentrated with propane before it can be ignited. This is impossible if it is used in an open space because even if there is a leakage the fresh air will dilute it immediately hence it cannot be ignited.

Gasoline is often scarce and expensive especially in Nigeria. Apart from that, you have to get to the filling station to buy gasoline. Whereas propane is readily available in most neighborhoods making it readily available for use.

The Tri Fuel Carburetor is now available in Nigeria. And it’s gaining acceptance from Nigerians. It is very easy to install, it’s just as easy as changing the carburetor of your Generator.

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