Powerful practical method on how to get rid of dark elbow quickly

I will be showing you 3 remedies which can help you get rid of darker elbow bump.
LEMON JUICE METHOD ~Lemon contain rich nutrient which is of utmost benefit to the body. The fruit juice is famously recognize for it bleaching action due to the presence of citric acid. So application of lemon juice to the elbow will help you with a lighter skin.
Get 1 or 2 large lemon and slice in two place. Squeeze off the juice from both halves into a jug. Apply the juice to your elbow by rubbing it at the darker part. Apply moisturizer to the part of your elbow that you use the juice once the lemon is dried up.
Caution~Dont apply excessive juice on your elbow so as not to cause over reaction............ The other methods are...http://www.symponuity.com/2017/11/remedies-for-dark-elbows-why-home...

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