Power Company In Nigeria is Getting Better or Worsen

Recently many has wonder what is going on with the power company in Nigeria and how, the question is; is the power company in Nigeria going on well in the country and is there any development in that sector? in-spite the billions of naira that the Government has input into the sector yet it seems that they are going any where. the question many Nigerian are asking is that when will the country ever going to have a stable power supply? when will power stay for 24hours without going out. when will the power stay for even 9hours without going off.

The power sector was privatize by the former president of Nigeria, President Jonathan during his last period in office and ever seen the power sector has not improve, the away things are going no one could understand why is this are still the way it is although it was on record that during the time of the former president of Nigeria, Jonathan that is when the country have the highest MHZ in the history of the country. but after he left office the recent president took over office, President Buhari, the sector has reduce and many things has gone wrong. not just with the power sector but also every part of the country and also the economy.[READ MORE]

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