Pornography & Pornography Addiction Gradually Becoming A Major Issue In Hospitals

Today, I believe it is high time to speak of this matter. Like a plague, a number of persons avoid this topic and rather maintain status quo. Pornography (or Pornography Addiction) is the plague I refer to.

Yea, you are probably adjusting in your seat, or you are trying to read this post in a solitude-rich environment or position, to avoid the peering Read on, because some things are rather said than left to eventually turn to monster.

Over the past three months, I have come across a number of pornography-related stories (or gossips) happening in a hospital/hospice environment.

Porn can include magazines, books, videos, movies, graphic novels, or any other medium in which sexual acts and or sexualized images are explicitly depicted.

Today porn is viewable at the click of a button by anyone with an Internet connection, though it also comes in the forms of literature, audio, magazines, and more. What effect has the ubiquity of porn had on us? Is it a harmless pastime for medical/health workers or a pernicious addiction?

It is a general knowledge that more men are consumers of pornography related materials than women. This applies in the hospital space as well. This have to do with the generally accepted notion that men are moved by ‘what they see’ and ladies are moved by ‘what they hear’.

But is Pornography Really an Active Addiction in Hospitals?
A Hospital should be a place where the ‘sick’ come to get well. This is a simplistic definition of what a hospital really is. So much more happen behind those walls, some noble and others, ‘less noble’.

Some female doctors have reported experiences where male doctors watch porn or bring porn materials onto hospital grounds. Of course, this does not mean that the male gender have a greater preponderance to consuming pornographic materials than the female sex.

A lot of medical doctors and health workers rely a great deal on the internet for a pastime, when they is no active work going on; like when there is no emergency to attend to, or when drugs have been given to in-patients, or even late at night, when the wards are quiet and cool.

The Internet remains the next port of call for professionals. Texting and chatting is a favorite pastime.

In the larger society, mobile penetration (ie internet access and use) have been increasing at over 84%, making Nigeria a mobile-first country. Personal inquisition on the subject matter have shown that medical doctors, nurses and other health workers rely heavily on pornography (mostly soft porn materials) to pastime in the hospital space.

By 2020, there will be 38 billion devices on the Internet of things; watches, kitchens, fashion and every facet of our lives will be online. This includes hospital and hospice care.

Even though there is little practical evidence that suggests negligence, on the part of hospital workers, stemming from the use of the pornographic materials, affecting patient care, pornographic addiction is a recipe that may precipitate poor care to patients and gradually transform medical/health workers to “Active Addicts”

>> The Truth and Facts About ‘Active Addicts’.

Porn addiction is considered a behavioral addiction that is characterized by an ever-growing compulsion to view pornographic content or material.

Pornography already exists and data has shown that whether it is viewed as a taboo or not, Nigerians are massive consumers of this forbidden fruit.

Although Medical and Psychiatric professionals do not treat the compulsion to view or use pornographic material as an addiction, the signs and symptoms of porn addiction are often very similar to those of Drug Addiction.

Pornography is indeed very dangerous. In any of its forms, it is a potentially addictive warped deviation from the true nature of sexual activities. Addiction to pornography and the resultant debilitating effects are its strongest actual downsides.

>> Signs And Symptoms of Porn Addiction

-Being unable to stop using porn or stop engaging in the behaviors associated with porn, despite repeated attempts to do so. Approximately 9% of viewers reported that they had made unsuccessful attempts to stop.

Experiencing cravings to view porn. Much like substance users report feeling strong urges to use drugs, porn addicts can experience strong urges to view porn.

-Becoming angry, hostile, or irritable when asked to stop using porn. Porn addicts may deny their porn viewing or be upset when loved ones request that they stop.

-Keeping all or part of one’s porn use secret from loved ones.
Porn addiction has been shown to lead to increased secrecy in relationships.

-Feeling as though one is living a double or secret life because of porn use. A person with a porn addiction may feel guilty or ashamed and work hard to hide his or her porn viewing from others.

-Continuing to view porn despite negative consequences, such as broken relationships or a job loss. Relationships where one partner is addicted to porn can lead to a reduction in intimacy, emotional distance, reduced sexual satisfaction, and an overall poorer quality of relationship. Being unable to abstain from porn during work hours can lead to disciplinary action or even job loss.

-Losing track of large chunks of time due to being absorbed in porn use. Porn addicts may spend much of the day viewing pornography. This can lead to porn becoming a priority, with everything else set aside in favor of viewing porn.

-Requiring increasing amounts or more explicit porn to gain the same satisfaction or thrill, similar to the development of a tolerance.

Like in some key operational indices in the hospital, medical and health workers are driving hard down the wrong path. Though it may seem pervasive and an unwritten writ of acceptance to the consumption of porn materials, the result will not be palatable for most.

A vibrant conversion against bringing pornography to the work place, especially a sacred work-place like the hospital setting should be discouraged and must be tagged a ‘taboo’.

Written By Dr Emeka Okolo .H. He writes on Medical and Health-related Issues on and resides in Lagos.

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Comment by Brucettin on April 12, 2019 at 5:54pm

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