We will be providing a list of popular and
cheap satellite TV providers in Nigeria.
However, you have to take note that each
TV service company offers varieties of
advantages over the other.
However, many more satellite TV
companies are still coming to Nigeria and
Africa as a whole. Some major players in
this game are CONSAT, ACTV, MultiChoice’s
DStv, HiTv, Chinese-owned Startimes have
increased the competitiveness of the
satellite TV market, Consat TV, African
Cable Television ACTV, DStv, GoTV, HiTV,
Startimes, CTL, Metro Digital, Montage Cable
Network, Mytv, MultiTV, Daarsat, and
Trendtv. Nevertheless, our focus for this
post is to talk on seven big satellite TV
providers in Nigeria, namely DSTV, GoTV,
StarTimes, Mytv, MultiTV, Trendtv, and
Startimes and GoTV are Pay TV networks
that make use of DVB-T. This means it
does not require setting up a dish to
make it work. This feature makes it
equipment affordable for Nigerians.
List of Popular Satellite TV Providers in
Here are some traditional satellite TV
providers in Nigeria. If you know, other
provides within this range available in
Nigeria, kindly drop details in our
comment form at the bottom of this post.
DSTV’s cable TV is a great service brought
to Nigeria by Multichoice, it has helped
people see what is happening around the
world rather than being stuck with local
TV stations, and so I will not say it has not
been helpful. Their website is
DSTV Nigeria Customer Care Service
Lagos Nigeria
1381 Tiamiyu Savage Street; Victoria
Island, Lagos State
1 270 3232 or 080 3900 3788
Fax 01 270 3256
e-mail: [email protected]
e-mail: [email protected]
Multichoice Nigeria Abuja
Legion House
3 Kaura Namoda Street
Area 3 Garki, Abuja
Tel: 2347291/2 Fax: 2347295
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GoTV is a pay TV service offered in Africa
by Multichoice Africa. Unlike the other pay
TV service from Multichoice Africa (DSTV),
which is satellite based, GoTV is terrestrial
digital TV service. So,
no need for dish and ceremonial
installation, leading to reduced access
cost. GoTV is currently available in select
cities in Nigeria, Zambia, Uganda, Ghana,
Malawi, Namibia, Zimbabwe, and Kenya.

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