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The term Politics that was referred to the allocation of values, power and affluence has greatly metamorphosed to what the halves not in the society can benefit from particularly in Edo State. Since the inception of Comrade Adams Oshiomhole there have been massive development of numerous projects some of which are completed while others are nearly to completion this is what True Democracy and the Dividend of Democracy is all about.


I was of the option that our votes doesn't count and these electorates who smuggle their way to occupy amass wealth for themselves alone without considerating those that voted them into power but with the changes so far in Edo State, to me it is crystal clear that the our Comrade Governor doesn't just have conscience but he is an able person and means well for his people.


The political ideology and the ACN Party manifesto means for us with what has been demonstrated so far, let me not fail to mention at this juncture that I’m not a politician but love seeing good things, those electorates that are in other parties maybe because they've been offended in original party or their party is no longer gaining ground in Edo State in a way smuggled out to ACN so that they be elected.


I believed that others parties has learnt their lessons in a bitter way, come to think of it we all know that traditionally once a ruling party has other of its members occupying various important seats in the Senatorial level, House of Representative, Chairmanship levels etc all these people make this easy for the Government in power but if on the other hand the opposition parties are occupying important positions as indicated above the reverse will be the case for the Government in power, this is not to say that those electorates under the plat form of other parties are not good but we should endeavour to vote wisely. 


Election is just few days from now, it is my prayer that there will no bloodshed Amen, but the big question is what is your stand in this upcoming election?  Gone are those days where people sell their consciences and trade their destinies, I believe in our nation Nigeria, let’s remember that our votes is our right lets stand up for better Nigeria. I beg our youths on no account should them allow these politicians to use them for snatching of ballot boxes or as thugs if there is no job today, if the right persons are elected,  it is my prayer that God will use them eradicate the crux of unemployment.

 Note that this is also subject to contributions.


Remain bless.

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