My heart bleeds after three horrendous weeks of my life in Jos. Days after I left the state known as home for peace and tourism which unfortunately today have become abattoir for barbaric human killings I am hunted by my findings in the course of documenting the after-math of the crisis and the continued silent killings even with the presence of the Armed Forces to restore calm.

The reoccurring questions in my head are: When have we become so insensitive about human lives the most treasured of all creations by the creator and when have we sold our conscience? What does the Bible and Quran teach us, hatred or love? How much does the constitution protect the right of the weak and vulnerable? Must we fold our hands and watch few individuals with selfish agendas mastermind and perpetuate such horrible GENOCIDES as witnessed in Jos against our innocent brothers and sisters?

Should we watch as the blood of more innocents are wasted in the alter of politics masked with religion?

Else we all stand up and call for justice, that these criminals be brought to book not by lips service and constituting endless panels of inquiries without results, we shall all stand guilty as accomplices to this inhuman act and the spirits of hundreds innocents will not forgive this nation.

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