PoE Money Making Guide: Shaper Guardian Farming

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Welcome to the Path of Exile money-making guide. In this guide, TheVictor003 shows you a well-known strategy –
farming PoE Shaper Guardians, with
which you can earn over 500 Chaos orbs per hour to fund
those expensive builds at the beginning of a league.


Farming Shaper Guardians


Rushing Guardians (Skip other encounters):

•   Minimize time spent farming

•   Maximize Guardians encountered

*This approach can be further optimized to yield greater profits.


I do this strategy by rushing the Shaper Guardians to minimize the time on each map and maximize
the amount of guardian encounters I can complete within a given time. But far
greater profits can still be gained by completing the various encounters I
skipped, such as the Ultimatums or the Temples.


I farmed all of my Shaper Guardian maps with the Remnants of the Past and the Guardian's Aid Atlas
passives so that each map I ran would contain two Shaper Guardians, instead of
one, with a decent chance that both of them would drop their respective
fragments. These fragments would end up making the bulk of my profits.


Loot Table

It is worth mentioning that this farming strategy is not very hardcore viable
unless you have a very strong Juggernaut or Champion build. A high-end
Bladefall Blade Blast Raider could probably handle the strategy and hardcore,
too. However, since I was playing a basic spectre build without much
survivability, I did die quite a few times throughout the farming.


Loot Data


16 Shaper Guardian Maps 

Total Profit: 528.5 Chaos orbs

•   Guardian Fragments

•   Maven's Invitations

•   Liquid Currencies (i.e., Exalted orbs and orbs of Alterations)

*Non-liquid items are not included in the profit calculations


Time Spent Farming: 1 Hour

•   Currency Gain: 530 Chaos orbs per hour (or 4.6 Exalted orbs per hour)

•   Currency Gain without Exalt Drop: 415 Chaos orbs per hour


Throughout the 16 Shaper Guardian maps that I ran, I made around 530 Chaos worth of profits in
liquid drops such as the Guardian fragments, Maven's Invitations, and
currencies like Exalted orbs and orbs of Alterations.


I decided to exclude the value of items like essences and regular non-influenced maps from
my profits since I don't sell these items. However, this farming strategy still
yielded quite a lot of profits since it took me less than an hour to run all
these Guardian maps.


This farming strategy can generate roughly 530 Chaos orbs, or 4.6 Exalts orbs per hour. Even
if I excluded the Exalted orb drop from the calculations, these runs would
still yield over 400 Chaos orbs worth of profits per hour. Therefore, if you're
looking for a strategy that generates around 3-4 Exalted orbs worth of liquid
loots per hour, farming Shaper Guardians is a good way to do it, assuming your
build is strong enough to defeat two Guardians at a time. 


My Build to Farm Shaper Guardian Maps: Pure Cold Spectre Necromancer


Syndicate Operatives:

•   Low CD Shotgun Spell (Police Daggers)

•   Great Clearspeed and Single-Target DPS


Build Playstyle:

•   Passively clears monsters

•   Allows for focus on mobility, dodging, and survival


The build that I ran to farm Shaper Guardian maps was a pure Cold Spectre Necromancer. My
specter of choice was the Syndicate Operatives from the safehouses spawned by
running Betrayal encounters with Jun. Since Syndicate Operatives have such a
fast cooldown on their spell, which can shotgun with Greater Volley support
links, this gives them great clearing capabilities and single target damage.
Convert their physical damage to cold with Triad Grips, and they become a very
viable boss killer when combined with the Hatred aura, Elemental Equilibrium,
and Frostbite curse. 


The passive playstyle of this build allows me to focus purely on rushing straight to the
end of the map without stopping, which in turn reduces my run time, thereby
improving my rates of PoE currency gain.
However, by no means, it's my current setup anywhere near min-max, but if you
want to look at it in more detail, here is the pob link (PoB


Greatest Sources of Income

Guardian's Aid Really Improves Profits

Shaper Guardian fragments will yield the greatest amount of profits from a Shaper Guardian
farm. However, the fragment drops from the second Guardian spawn in each map
boost the profits from this strategy.


Throughout my 16 Shaper Guardian maps, I was able to drop a total of 24 Guardian Fragments.
Therefore, a second fragment will drop in each map 50% of the time. At the time
of this recording, Shaper Guardian fragments sold for around 10 Chaos orbs
each, which is how much they go for towards mid-league in the past. However, in
greater quantities, you could usually sell them in bulk for about 10-20% more
than the market price. 


Invitations Dropped:

•   2 Forgotten Invitations (10 Chaos each)

•   1 Twisted Invitation (25 Chaos each)

•   2 Formed Invitations (30 Chaos each)


On top of the consistent source of Guardian fragments, Maven's Invitations would also drop
occasionally. Depending on the type of Invitation drops, you could make 10 to
30 Chaos orbs per Invitation. In my runs, I was able to drop two Forgotten
Invitations, one Twisted Invitation, and two Formed Invitations. That means, on
top of the Guardian fragments that I'm piling up, the Maven's Invitations will
add up quite a bit of profit, too.


Notable Drops:

•   Augmented Distant Memory (45 Chaos orbs)

•   Exalted orb (115 Chaos orbs)

•   Singular Delirium orb (28 Chaos orbs)


Beyond Guardian fragments and Maven's Invitations, many other notable items dropped during the
farming session. Among the most notable drops was an Augmented Distant Memory
map, an Exalted orb,
and a Singular Delirium orb. None of these higher-ticket drops is ever
guaranteed, but throughout many farming sessions, you will undoubtedly
encounter other high-ticket items that are worth the same.


Should You Farm Shaper Guardian Maps?

In short – Yes! This strategy may not be for you if you have a build that cannot handle
higher-tier content or just enjoy playing builds that don't really push the
limits of that type of content. However, there are many good reasons why Shaper
Guardians have become such a staple amongst the PoE community:


During league start, many veteran players aim to reach Shaper Guardians to begin collecting
fragments. By farming out many of these early on, they can build up a budget for
their mid-league builds at a rate nearly twice or even three times as fast as
the rates I had.


Not only that, but even when the prices of these fragments start to drop towards mid-league, the
strategy still yields quite a good amount of profits for those who join the
league later on. 


Beyond the profitability of this strategy, farming Shaper Guardians is also
straightforward and versatile in its implementation. If you want a simple
farming method that yields great profits, simply run straight to the end of a
map, ignoring all encounters and mobs throughout the map, and slay the
occupying Guardians.


If you want to adapt this farming method to other strategies like running Betrayal encounters,
you can easily combine these strategies to yield even greater profits from each
map. I personally haven't tested Guardian farming in conjunction with any other
farming methods yet, but you can generally infer that the more strategies you
have running simultaneously, the more profits you stand to gain in the long run. 


That is the Sharper Guardian farming method you can use to fund those expensive builds in
Path of Exile. If you found this video helpful, don't forget to subscribe to TheVictor003's channel
for more future content. You can also bookmark our PoE new page
on MmoGah for more helpful information about PoE.


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