PoE Builds 3.16: Fire Flicker Strike Build - Ascendant Scion

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Dear exiles, this week's Path of Exile Build is about Fire
Flicker Strike Build - Ascendant Scion
. I hope this build can meet your






Look for these mods on rare items

- Elemental Damage

- Fire Damage

- Critical Chance

- Attack Speed

- Critical Multiplier

- Evasion

- Intelligence

- Elemental Resistances

- Life


Mandatory Uniques

Oro's Sacrifice

- This Sword is mandatory because it not only grants a huge amount of fire DPs, up to 834, but
also grants attack speed, elemental damage, culling strike, and generates the
frenzy charges needed to keep flickering.



- There's a region on the duelist area of the tree with "Increased Physical Damage".
With this jewel, it will all become "Increased Fire Damage".


Rare Helmet





- Nearby enemies have -9% fire resistance

- Some Life

- Some Evasion



- When you have more PoE Orbs, get a helmet with these


Rare Body Armour





- Evasion

- Attacks have +##% to critical strike chance

- A lot of Life



- It would be good to get a body armour with these mods.

- It's not so cheap to get.


Recommended Uniques

- Starkonja's Head

- Belly of the Beast

- Kintsugi


Recommended Flasks

- Divine Life Flask

- Diamond Flask

- Jade Flask

- The Wise Oak

- Cinderswallow Urn


Gameplay Gear







Flicker Strike / Vaal Double Strike – Multistrike – Combustion – Melee Splash / Elemental Damage With Attacks – Close Combat –


- Start forming a 4L with Multistrike, Combustion, and Melee Splash.

- When you get an armour with 5 or 6L, you can add Close Combat and Immolate.

- When facing big bosses, replace Melee Splash with Elemental Damage With Attacks for more single target damage.

- When facing big bosses that require more control over your character, such as the sharper or queen Atziri, replace Flicker
Strike with Vaal Double Strike.



Vaal Ancestral Warchief – Ancestral Protector – Multiple Totems – Dash – Summon Ice Golem – Blood Rage


- Ancestral Warchief and Ancestral Protector grant awesome attack damage and speed buffs. Thanks to Multiple
Totems, you can have the 2 buffs at the same time.

- Ice Golem grants extra accuracy and critical chance.

- Dash is a great movement skill.

- Blood Rage grants an amazing attack speed buff and generates frenzy charges.

- This setup doesn't need to be fully linked.

- The links you need are Ancestral Warchief – Ancestral Protector – Multiple Totems.



Steelskin – Vaal Haste – Vaal Grace – Increased Duration


- Vaal Haste grants a big attack speed buff, and you can use it on bosses.

- Vaal Grace grants a big chance to avoid damage. Use it on bosses.

- Steelskin grants a shield that absorbs damage. Please put it in your left-click shortcut, so you'll cast while walking.



Summon Skitterbots – Anger – Precision (level 6) – Enlighten


- Skitterbots will keep chilling and shocking enemies for more damage and survivability.

- Anger grants extra fire damage.

- Precision grants extra accuracy and critical chance.



Arcanist brand – Wave of Conviction – Assassin's Mark – Increased Duration


- This brand is for bosses. It will not only curse them with Assassin's Mark for more critical chance and multiplier,
but also cause them to take more fire damage due to Wave of Conviction.





Look for these mods on rare jewels:

- Fire Damage

- Attack Speed

- Elemental damage

- Melee Damage

- Critical Multiplier

- Maximum Life


Watcher's Eye





- +X% to critical strike multiplier while affected by Anger.



- This kind of Watcher's Eye is not cheap, but it can optimize your damage.

- It is not mandatory.



Skill Tree





Major God: Lunaris

Minor God: Garukhan








This build has an easy leveling process. It is beginner-friendly.



- From level 1 to 12, use Ground Slam.

- Then use Sunder until Level 28.

- Then, you can use Cyclone until level 67, when you will equip your Oro's Sacrifice and start


Leveling setup of links:

- If this is your first character, do the following steps:

1. Create a Marauder.

2. Reach the first town.

3. Talk to Tarkleigh and pick Ground Slam as your reward.

4. Put your mace with Ground Slam and Ruthless in your stash.

- Now, when you create your scion, you'll have to use Spectral Throw until you reach the first
town. There you can grab your mace with Ground Slam and Ruthless in your stash.




- Reaching level 67, you can equip your Oro's Sacrifice.

- Now, replace the Cyclone setup with the Flicker Strike one.

- If you have a 5L or 6L Oro's Sacrifice, you can use the complete setup.

- Also, at level 67, you can replace Herald of Purity with Anger.

- As soon as you get an Enlighten at level 3, you can also activate Precision and complete
your auras.


Recommended PoE Items

- Tabula Rasa

- Lochtonial Caress

- Goldrim

- Wanderlust

- Asenath's Mark

- Gorebreaker

- Limbsplit

- Brightbeak

- Praxis

- Edge of Madness

- Ringwald's Charge



That's all about this build. Welcome to mmogah.com to Buy PoE Currency like Cheap Exalted Orbs and Chaos Orbs.



The video source: Path of Exile Builds https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8M9JP2PlovE



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