Break Up Nigeria


Break up Nigeria and get it over with! The colonial masters put the country together. They have been gone since 1960 yet instead of reverting back to the old countries and stay UNITED as a Commonwealth of Nations like the USA; the Hausas became the new colonial Masters!


The North should have invested in oil exploration in the north. They do not have oil in every state in the USA, yet they have managed to grow wealthy and each state has managed to be business-like like and invent in businesses that have made them independent from the federal government in Washington since each state is able to raise their own taxes and have their own Federal bank in each state!


The examples are there to be copied but our present and former leaders have chosen to ignore good governance! They are abusing the peoples of Nigeria and have become Enemy No1 of the Nigerian peoples. What we need is a benevolent dictator to come in and sort out the mess that has been created. Get all the politicians to account for all their wealth and if unable, they and the family MUST BE JAILED FOR LIFE!


That is my take on Nigeria. Break it up and be like the USA. Forget where the oil is and exist as we did during the Self-government period. The North has cola, cotton, oil (prospect for it), millet, etc! The oil made everybody lazy and why Nigeria has high unemployment. If we have self-development like we had before, we would have been able to prevent the brain drain to Europe and the Americas. Those guys would have been involved in the development of their own Regions as it happened when TV came to the west and then the rest of the regions. Our engineers were kept at home and some returned to  the country to help in the development!


But immediately the Hausas took over took over, they ran the country to the ground by putting illiterates Hausa politicians in charge of ministries they had no clue about! That was the beginning of the decline of Nigeria. Some young army officers recognised this fact and that was prompted the first coup. Since then, oil came and recolonisation of the west, east, and Mid-west by the Hausas, which has led to this decline in our governance. Nigeria MUST be Decentralised back into Regions and Regions into States (already existing), but the Centre of Power will be at the Regional Headquarters, which will have representatives from each States in the Region. See Shine Your Eyes Mama Africa by Gavin Bond, which has detailed examples of how Nigeria should be governed and still remain a UNITARY Nation!

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