Place Your Pet in the Lap of Luxury With These Fancy Pet Resorts

Sometimes you feel the need for a change of atmosphere; it's nice to occasionally "get away from it all," at least for a night or two. When you're a pet owner, getting away often comes with trying to decide what to do with your fur babies while you're gone. The last thing you want is to spend your vacation worrying that they're lonely or feeling abandoned. They are your babies, and they must be very well cared for, if not spoiled. There are thousands of pet boarding places in the United States alone. Most are probably great caretakers. However, occasionally you will discover one that has taken spoiling pets to a whole new level. Here are several of the most luxurious pet hotels in the U.S. where your only concern might be if your pets will remember you when you come back for them! If you can afford to spoil your pets with an extravagant vacation of their own, you may want to plan your vacation around theirs and travel to a destination with a luxurious pet resort nearby. What if Fido and Fluffy end up having a better vacation than you? Here are a few of the fanciest pet hotels and resorts in America. 

1. Luxe Pet Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada

Whether you're a Las Vegas resident going on vacation or you're bringing your pets with you on vacation to Las Vegas, Luxe Pet Hotel would definitely be a treat for your furry pals. This hotel has sizable private luxury-brand-themed suites (e.g., Louis Vuitton bedding) for your puppy. They include memory foam Queen and King size beds, large flatscreen TVs, and in-room webcams so you can look in on your pooch any time. Just think, you may be on a meal replacement diet to lose a few pounds while your dog is at the resort eating gourmet food. The Luxe Hotel also plays soothing sounds and uses ambient lighting to create a stress-free atmosphere. In addition, they have 24/7 vet access and unlimited playtime. Like the dogs, kitty guests have private rooms and personal televisions. They also have cat towers to climb and play areas for socializing with the other cats.

2. D Pet Hotel in Hollywood, California

The D Pet Hotel has several locations. The flagship is located in Hollywood, California and features many fabulous amenities for your pet. From private rooms with designer Kuranda dog beds and flatscreen televisions to three spacious 6,000 square foot private dog parks, your dog couldn't ask for much more pampering. As if all this isn't posh enough, the hotel also offers a chauffeur service to transport pets in style in luxury vehicles like a Bentley, Rolls-Royce or Ferrari.

3. Bayside Pet Resort and Spa in University Park, Florida

Pups who stay at the Bayside Pet Resort and Spa have private rooms with flatscreen televisions. This resort spoils your pet with bedtime tuck-ins and various spa treatments. You can also enjoy checking in on your pets via the webcams. Kitty guests have fun climbing and relaxing in the two-story condos. These areas are placed next to a nice fish aquarium to keep the cats entertained. 

4. Paradise Ranch Pet Resort in Los Angeles, California

Paradise Ranch is unique from many other doggy resorts. If your pup loves to socialize with other dogs, this could be the perfect resort. The dogs are boarded in cottages with other dogs (always with the proper human supervision, of course). You can rest assured your dogs will never be caged and will be free to run just as if they were at home. You can also watch your dogs anytime, 24/7, via the webcams. Paradise Ranch also has a fun waterpark featuring fountains and plenty of shade for cooling off during those hot Southern California days. 

Despite all the amenities these luxurious accommodations offer, your pets will likely be delighted to return to their home and family. Sometimes a short-term change of pace is good, though. Consider a luxury pet resort next time you want to spoil your pooch or kitty.

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