PISTORIOUS CASE: between Justice & National Honour?

Pistorious undoubted is not only a national hero but a role model in the international scene.  a man who proved that there are great abilities in every disability. He surpassed all odds to prove this.True to his success, some international companies also contracted him in various capacities all of which finally brought great HONOUR to the South African nation.

It is very obvious that this great man has also being alleged to have committed a murder, ACCIDENTALLY  or PRE-MEDITATEDLY.  whichever way the pendulum swings, both attract a penalty which is very conspicuously in the constitution of the Republic of the SA.

The question now arise, shall we allow our national honour be awashed by this incident and lose all the glorious moments that we enjoy or stand to enjoy as a nation? the answer to this question gave birth to the twist in the case.  it is obviously a ploy to destroy the witness's credibility of the Botha (the IPO) in the case.  The effect of this is to cushion whatever ruling that would be handed over to Pistoriuos.

The Directorate of Public Prosecution is being Prosecuted, through the IPO after the charges were initially dropped.  Why were these charges dropped? and on what conditions were they dropped?  what gave rise to the resuscitation of this case?  I advocate that African nations be guided by one constitution and allow the course of justice prevail.  The world is watching !

Esuku - Orits Oye


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