Photos: Roads leading into Ekiti blocked as crisis between Fayose and APC lawmakers continue

Major roads leading into Ado-Ekiti, the state capital have been blocked since yesterday with heavy duties vehicles by some residents of the state as the crisis between the state Governor, Ayo Fayose and 19 APC Lawmakers continue.

The roads, according to reports, were blocked to ensure that the 19 APC lawmakers who are currently at loggerheads with the Governor and are lodged at the Sonap Hotel in Osogbo in Osun state, do not gain entrance into the state to carry out their planned impeachment process against Governor Fayose.

Governor Fayose and the Lawmakers are now fighting over their unpaid entitlement since November 2014 when they were "impeached" from the state House of Assembly by PDP lawmakers.

According to Governor Fayose who spoke on Channels TV, he said he had a meeting with the aggrieved Lawmakers last week where they told him that the issues will be resolved after he pays them their salaries which backdates to November 2014.

Governor Fayose said because he craved to have peace in his state and avoid breakdown of law and order, he consented to their wish and immediately released Cheque for their salaries to be paid. Cheques of N2 million and some fraction was given to the lawmakers each but they refused to accept the Cheque, saying their salaries cannot be only N2 million when calculated from November 2014.

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