How much would successful and successive law suits influence the performance of PHCN, AND WHY HAS OUR LEGAL SYSTEM DONE VERY LITTLE TO ENCOURAGE SUCH?

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Comment by wokocha onyemezie on February 15, 2010 at 1:12pm
We have over the years gotten used to the fact that PHCN or NEPA as they then were called could cut power at any time without so much as 'escuse me'.
We have also gotten used to the fact that at the end of each billing period, the estimated bills were enforced by ladder welding officials who weren't too bothered that you did not enjoy any power for the period under review.
A lot of this we have conquered by investing in power generating sets of all sizes.
What we had not previously contemplated, is the need for us to also look out for falling high tension wires for the odd five minutes a day that power is transmitted.
A trip to the more advanced climes or an hour of American or British television and one is practically overwhelmed by a barrage of advertisements by law firms offering their services for all manner of injury claims ranging from the effects of asbestos, auto accidents, medical mal-practice to legal liabilities arising from emotional stress.
One is therefore a little taken aback at the impunity with which PHCN and other agencies get away with murder and nobody makes them pay.
If we had started out insisting that NEPA compensates us for each pot of soup gone bad, or each refrigerator blown, perharps they would have been cautious enough not to drop high tension wires on us, as appears to be the new onslaught.

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